Carrie Underwood’s big screen debut set for surfer’s inpirational biopic

A day after singing the national anthem at the Super Bowl, Carrie Underwood, the Grammy Award winning singer and former American Idol champion, is readying for her next big career move…a jump to the big screen. Underwood is headed to the North Shore of Oahu, where she’ll be playing a key supporting role in a biopic movie based on Hawaiian surfer Bethany Hamilton, the young lady who had her arm severed during a shark attack in 2003 while surfing in Kauai.

The film is called Soul Surfer, and Underwood will be playing Hamilton’s longtime friend, Sarah Hill, a youth counselor at Hamilton’s church who played a significant role in Hamilton’s amazing comeback. The aspiring surf star was just 13-years-old when the incident shattered her dreams…or so she thought.

While the headlines have faded from view Hamilton’s story has not. She’s become an incredible symbol of perseverance. She got back in the water months after the incident, adapted to her challenge by learning a new set of skills, and went on to win a national surfing title in 2005, bringing many in attendance to tears. Today, 19-year-old Hamilton is living her dream, surfing at the professional level around the world and inspiring people at every stop.

Underwood will be sharing scenes with Anna Sophia Robb, who will play Bethany. Dennis Quaid and Helen Hunt will play Tom and Cheri, Hamilton’s surfing parents. And Lorraine Nicholson (Jack’s daughter) will be playing the role of Alana Blanchard, one of today’s most popular female surf stars and great friend of Bethany. Blanchard was in the water with Hamilton on that life-altering day.

Soul Surfer filming is already underway on the North Shore of Oahu, and is due out this summer.