Carroll and Parsons Advance to Quarterfinals Of Quiksilver Masters

Carroll & Parsons Advance Into Quarterfinals

Two-time (1983-’84) world champion Tom Carroll (Aus) and Mike Parsons (USA) advanced through theanticipated ‘surf-off’ this morning in the ‘junior’ (aged 35-43) division ofthe Quiksilver Masters, eliminating Glen Winton (Aus) and Hans Hedemann(Haw). They will now meet the other six quarterfinalists already decidedthrough the preliminary rounds, as the fifth anniversary edition eventproceeds throughout the day, with both the Grand Masters (44+) and Mastersaiming toward the ultimate climax later this afternoon.

Surf at ‘The Peak’ is in the 2-3 foot (1m) range and is expected toincrease. The onshore wind remains, however, blowing relentlessly.

Carroll, 39, picked off the first wave of the ‘surf-off’ and by mid-way hadtaken a lead he managed to maintain. Focusing on the right-handers he puthis strong backhand attack to good use. He will now face Parsons again inthe second quarterfinal.

“I feel a sense of relief,” said Carroll. “What a fight to make the cut(laughs). That was really tough, it could have gone either way, especiallyin conditions like that. I just tried to pick a spot in the lineup wherethere were plenty of waves, and I had to rely on the rights, instead of thelefts.

“I’m looking forward to that,” he continued, of the upcoming quarterfinals.”Hopefully we’ll be back on that left, with the lower tide. It’d be good tostart gaining a bit of momentum, instead of battling it.”

Parsons, 36, actually led at the beginning after picking off a high-scoringright-hander, but he was unable to match it with his remaining two countingwaves. With two advancing, however, his goal was met.

“That was really the objective, just to get through that heat,” said Parson.”Same as any other heat when there’s four guys. I was lucky to have a goodstart ’cause then there was a long lull. You’ve just got to be lucky withthe waves.

“Man-on-man will be a lot different,” he added. “You have to be moreselective and then just go for it with your maneuvers. It should be good.”