Catching Up With Uncle Sunny


Last weekend, at the Vans Pier Classic, I ran into Sunny Garcia, who has started his comeback, and is on a mission to requalify for the WCT. Here’s a quick post-heat interview with Uncle Sunny on his way to eat at Dukes.

So how’s your comeback going?

This is my first event, so far so good, I’ve made all my heats. The waves are good for Huntington, there’s a swell, so I’m just trying to get the cob webs off.

What’s your game plan?

I want to get some good results, and get a better seeding when they redo the seedings in the middle of the year.

How was your winter back home?

The winter at home kind of sucked. Anybody that watched the events during the Triple Crown knows, it was one of the worst seasons I can remember. Although, late winter when everybody left, I got to go home and get some good waves. As long as I can get a couple Backdoor barrels I’m happy.

Where you off to next?

I leave Sunday for Newcastle, and then I’m going to Margarets, Durbin and Scotland. I’m doing the grind, but I’m kind of looking forward to it. I have had the last couple of years off.

How did all that go?

I spent most of the year last year in prison and on house arrest. I had a little break and made the most of it, but now for me it’s just about going out and having fun.

You are getting all that behind, but now there’s another pro who’s just starting his ordeal. How do you feel about the Chris Ward situation ?

I’ve been hanging out with Wardo these last couple of weeks in San Clemente and surfing with him. You know, we all stumble, we all fall, and it’s just a matter of picking ourselves up, learning, and making the best of the situation. I’m not going to say that I condone the type of behavior Wardo is being charged with, but he is human. I think he has learned, and we’ll see what he can make out of the situation, it’s an unfortunate thing, I don’t wish that upon anyone. He’ll be fine.

Who are your new sponsors?

Rockstar Energy Drink, Affliction clothing, Kicker sound systems, Versa surf traction, and Axion footwear.