Channel Islands Demo Day


Today in Oceanside, Channel Islands Surfboards was gracious enough to stage a demo for the TransWorld crew, and unlike any other surfboard demo I’ve ever been to, there were really good waves to sample some of the world’s most popular sticks on. A nice little combo of a fading south swell and leftover windswell made for head high peaks up and down the beach. Fueled up on coffee and donuts courtesy of Analog (thanks Moysa!) the TW crew tested just about every board Dave Downing from Channel Islands had in his van. Here’s some feedback…

Shakas to the bros from Analog who brought their
The Dumpster Diver was a popular pick today.

The Dumpster Diver was a popular pick today.

Chris Cote
TransWorld SURF Editor In Chief
5’5 Epoxy Dumpster Diver
This board was custom made for me but I haven’t ridden it that much, so I just rode it instead of testing out one of the CI demo boards. When I first got it a month ago, I didn’t understand how to ride it and it felt weird. It’s funny that today was the day the board turned on seeing how it was a Channel Islands demo day. The Dumpster Diver works best in good waves, I thought originally it was a shit-wave board, but when the waves are good and wedgy like today, that’s when it really starts whipping around. It’s a back foot-board, it’s fast and loose, and goes from the bottom turn to the top turn like a dream. It doesn’t paddle that great, and when you first stand up it tends to get stuck a bit, but once you put your foot down, you’re f—king flying!

Casey Koteen
TransWorld SURF Managing Editor
I did the Dane Reynolds demo. First up was a 5’4” Dumpster Diver. Paddling out the board felt really short, but once on a wave, it all made sense. The straight outline makes you think it’s a small wave board, but where I most liked it was in the pocketier sections I encountered. It pivoted like crazy off the tail, and turned in really tight arcs.

6’0” Proton: I think the Proton is Dane’s normal shortboard. Apparently it has a ton of rocker; at least it felt like it. I only got a few waves on it, but I liked how it felt through turns, it seemed quick through them, and somehow sort of forgiving too. It was a great board for the wedgey, dumpy, chest-high beachbreak peaks. It wasn’t the fastest board down the line, but it felt super squirty off the bottom, and I’ll take that over a board that planes well while going straight any day.

Kelly Slater's board of choice—The Whip.

Kelly Slater's board of choice—The Whip.

Justin Cote
TransWorld SURF Online Editor
I rode the 5’10” x 18.75 x 2.25 Whip. You’re supposed to ride this board two to three inches shorter than your “normal” board so the 5’10” was perfect. Made from EPS foam and glassed with epoxy, the Whip was super light but didn’t ding when my knee smashed it on a kickout gone awry. The board felt great on my frontside, but I couldn’t find the sweet spot on the two or three rights that I caught. Quick and whippy (no pun intended) through turns, I’d say the board is a keeper, especially for the small but bowly little surf like we had on tap today.

Billy Corvalan
TransWorld Business Publisher
I rode the 5’7” Dumpster Diver. I’m an average surfer in skill level, stand 5’10” and weigh 190 lbs. My normal shortboard is a 6’2 with a ton of volume. When I first got on the Dumpster, it felt really short so it took a few rides to get my feet in the right position. The board had plenty of volume and float for such a small board but I think if it were maybe another 1-2 inches longer it would have been ideal for me. Regardless, the board killed it. It was super fast and turned really well. I’d totally ride this board as an everyday board. The surf was super peaky and the shortness of the board seemed to be an advantage with the late drops.

Jeff Baldwin
Seller Of Everything TransWorld
I rode the Dumpster Diver 5’6” x 19.5 x 2.25 made from EPS foam and Epoxy resin. Although a tad small for a guy my height (6’0”) and weight (185lbs.) I was surprised how much power I could push into turns. The shoulder high little pockets offered a great test ground. Everything came from the tail—plant your feet and go! The board offered razor responses, an easy glide and was smooth in every transition. I felt comfortable on this little piece of magic after only three waves, which is an amazing feeling when some boards take weeks to figure out. I can only imagine a custom Dumpster Diver and the damage it would do!

Your trusty TW surfboard demo dudes; Jeff Baldwin and Casey

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