Checkout: Jock Barnes

Name: Jock Barnes

Age: 18

Hometown: Lennox Head, NSW, Australia

Height: 6’0″

Weight: 70kg

Years Surfing: 9

Sponsors: Rusty, Electric, Gravis, Nixon, Creatures Of Leisure, LennoxRub & Tug

Jock Barnes is living proof and testimony to the fact that being raised on a pointbreak is one of a surfer’s greatest blessings. Willingly plonked out amidst the legendary lines of Lennox Head on the far New South Wales north coast by his surfing father Steve, young Jock has developed a smooth, flowing down-the-line style and approach that’s beyond his years. To his credit, his attitude to life and his destiny are just as non-fussed, though that latter asset had to be developed.

An amiable and always respectful strong and focused young man, this talented goofy-footer complements his strong and tight repetoire of rail-driven class with any new-age move you care to imagine. He also backs his waterbound skills with sound equipment, knowledge and understanding, a sensible diet, a continuous stretching and training campaign, and moderation in the indulgent side of life. If ever a grommet was to look for a good role model, Jock would be just that. He is living success.¿Sarge