Checkout: Shaun Cansdell

Name: Shaun Cansdell

Age: 17

Hometown: Mullaway, N.S.W. Australia

Height: 5’9″

Weight: 69 kilograms

Years surfing: 11

Sponsors: Billabong, Reef, Local Motion, Arnette, and Sanktum.

There’s no shortage of talent on the Aussie surfing stock exchange. Stocks are rising, share prices are steadily and most definitely climbing, future prices and gilt-edged securities are becoming more prestigious investments, and for the Aussie surf industry there’re basically no parameters. There’s a surfing commodity who’s gathering prospective future value simply by being a surfer. The surfer is from the mid NSW coastal village of Mullaway, ten or so kilometers north of Coffs Harbour. His name is Shaun Cansdell, and he’s destined to put the sleepy hamlet of Mullaway on the international surfing map. Maybe he’ll show the rest of the world that it’s better to surf your life away, rather than mull it away. In case you didn’t know, “mull” is the Aussie word for preparing a mix of marijuana and tobacco in readiness for inhaling the said mixture as means for becoming stoned.

Shaun Cansdell doesn’t need drugs. He is he, and there’s no other he. A simple and forthright person, he’s honest as the day is long, the tide shall move the ocean, and the sun shall rise and set. He is also a bloody amazing surfer. His talent should lead the young Aussie charge about three to four years from now. He’ll get there, because it’s all he wants. Shaun’s savvy, spirit, and scent are all about surfing. This kid could blow doors. He’s still a grommet. Time and the temptations of touring will tell.¿Paul Sargeant