Chippa Mania!

Considering Christopher “Chippa” Wilson’s popularity today, it’s hard to believe four years ago he was working with his dad in Cabarita Beach, Australia—banging nails, chopping trees, bagging brush, and earning a nickname from his wood chipper duties.

These days, partly in thanks to Stab’s 2009 “Little Weeds” online video competition, the world recognizes Chippa for his true talent: an uncanny and arguably unmatched above-the-lip prowess. And so now, the only thing he’s bagging is clips.

He’s had waves in the closing section of Lost Atlas and has already produced a signature film. At the moment he’s several days into an Indo trip for us here at TransWorld SURF—and this morning stomped a what-the f—k-was-that backside air three you’ll have to see to believe. It came attached in an email from filmer Jerry Ricciotti with one short, sarcastic sentence. “Think this is worth saving for the movie?”

Make sure to pick up a copy of said 2012 TWS movie—Let’s Surf Seriously, starring Chippa among myriad of others. With the clips we’ve complied so far this year, it’s going to blow your mind!—Zander Morton

Above: Chippa in Analog’s Now.