Clay Marzo keeps churning out movie-quality clips despite no major sponsor

Clay Marzo is a quiet guy, and his media presence went almost as quiet after he lost his major sponsor. But if there’s anyone who fits the “I let my surfing do the talking” cliché it’s Clay. This summer he’s released a slew of movie-quality web edits filmed in Indonesia and his adopted home of Western Australia. Shot by the water/land team of Tom Jennings and John Barton and edited by 15-year-old Kieren Clark, they show a surfer in total command of his talent, doing his thing in perfect waves breaking far away from the spotlight. The fact is no one—not John John Florence, not Dane Reynolds, not Julian Wilson, not Kelly Slater, not Gabriel Medina—has put out clips like this recently. It’s hard to say how long Clay and his crew will be able to keep producing videos of this caliber and frequency without the financial backing that every other surfer of this level enjoys, but let’s enjoy it while it lasts.

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