Cloudbreak Goes XXL!

A few words with Dave Wassel who we roused from his sleep at 5am Fiji time upon seeing these photos…

TWS: How’s it going Dave?

Dave Wassel: Epic. It’s five in the morning, what’s happening?

We just got the photos from yesterday and we’re baffled.

Yep, yep. Wait ‘til you see today.

Is it bigger today?

It’s supposed to be five feet bigger today.

Wow! Was yesterday the biggest you’ve seen it down there?

It wasn’t the biggest I’ve seen it, but definitely the cleanest for how big it was.

What was the ratio between guys towing and guys paddling in?

98% paddling. Guys towed in the morning when it was kinda funky and high tide, but after that everyone started paddling in.

Are you staying on Tavarua or on the main island (Viti Levu)?

I’m on the main island with Bruce [Irons], Nathan [Fletcher], Reef [McIntosh] and Alex Gray. The only guys staying on Tavarua are Kelly, Healey, and Ian Walsh.

How was that wave of Kohl’s?

Absolutely huge air drop into a death pit…Kohl came to party.

What’s up with that round nose quad he was riding?

Put it this way, I asked Nathan about it and he said he wouldn’t ride it if it didn’t work.

Looks like it paddles pretty well. Who were the other standouts?

The standouts were Kohl, Nathan, Bruce, Alex Gray, and obviously Healey.

You got a few yourself, right?

I managed to get a few. We’ll see what happens today…

All right! Let’s not rack up your phone bill too bad, get back out there!

Sounds good.

Be safe out there!

Will do, text me tomorrow…