An Ode To Coco Ho

For all of you who haven’t heard or seen the youtube hit of Coco’s love song, composed by 18 year old Connor Thuotte of Liverpool, New York, here you go.

We think the song is great and decided to contact Mr. Thuotte and hear his thoughts on Coco…


Connor Thuotte


Liverpool, New York



How did you first find out about Coco?

I was visiting California and had seen posters for the US Open of Surfing in Huntington Beach. I was going home a week before the Open started so i decided i would stream it online. Thats where I heard Coco Ho’s name announced and saw her surf for the first time.

Why did you decide to write a song about her?

I write a lot a music about surfing so I thought writing one about a cute girl who is a top surfer just kind of made sense. Also, the name Coco Ho just seemed to be perfect for a song.

Have you gotten a response from her, since the release of the song?

Yeah, i first posted it to Kaz Sano from Novus Swell who had helped me send the first song to Coco. Within a hour or two Coco had commented the post saying she liked the song and thank you. It was very cool.

What made you decide to make a sequel?

People seemed to enjoy the first Coco Ho love song so I thought I’d try another. Coco also seemed appreciative of the first one so I thought she would like another.

Is there anything you would like to say to her?

Just thank you for listening and responding. It’s very cool to know she actually heard and liked the song. Also best of luck in the future with surfing and everything.

Here is the sequel