Cold, stormy North Atlantic is the star of new surf movie “Perilous Sea”; video

The North Atlantic Ocean is not for the timid. It’s cold, the wind is always howling and waves are best generated from storms that are usually too close for comfort.

You have to be dedicated, flexible and willing to wear lots of neoprene to survive as a surfer from the coasts of New England to Nova Scotia to Ireland and beyond. Which is just what filmmakers Mike Bromley and Ryan Meichtry aim to highlight in their forthcoming cold-water surf film “Perilous Sea”.

Bromley recently spoke to SURFER and had this to say about the inspiration behind the moody film:

“Growing up in Nova Scotia, I knew how good the Atlantic can get. We wanted to showcase that. I had taken a trip to Iceland a few years back and absolutely scored. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I figured, how cool would it be to make a film that takes place entirely in 5-mms [sic] and entirely in a zone that you really only hear about every now and then, or during hurricane season.”

Structured through the narration of an old man of the sea, the film will follow surfers Noah Wegrich, Kevin Schulz, Noah Cohen, Wilem Banks, Sam Hammer, Dane Anderson, Noah Lane, Will Skudin, Logan Landry and Heidar Eliasson from Canada to Europe to coincide their adventure stories for surf with those of the narrator.

Shot entirely as a cold-water surf movie, the project has been in production for around three years. Coming this August, it’ll be a perfect summer relief from the heat to dream of colder days.

The fruits of the labor in the North Atlantic.

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