Copa Quiksilver El Salvador Kicks Off

Copa Quiksilver El Salvador day 1 standout Ezekiel Lau. Photo: Roberts

Copa Quiksilver El Salvador day 1 standout Ezekiel Lau. Photo: Roberts

Punta Roca Delivers For Opening Day Of ASP 4-Star Copa Quiksilver El Salvador

PUNTA ROCA, La Libertad / El Salvador (Wednesday, July 6, 2011) – The opening day of the Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) 4-Star Copa Quiksilver El Salvador took place in tropical weather and clean conditions with light winds. The 3-5 ft waves at the right hand pointbreak of Punta Roca in La Libertad, El Salvador provided an excellent arena for the blend of young standouts throughout the day.

The Copa Quiksilver El Salvador represents the second of three Latin American events on the ASP North America Calendar for 2011, providing a venue for the pool of extremely talented young surfers hailing from the emerging surf nations of Latin America and giving them opportunity to capitalize on the valuable points available towards their ASP World Ranking.

Derek Peters (Huntington Beach, Ca), 18, gained the highest single-wave score of 9.33 in the last heat of the day to advance him to the next round. "I got my two scores earlier than I expected, so then I just went out the back to wait for a bomb. Such a sick wave, and it felt like I did 10 turns on it. It was definitely one of the best waves I've had in a while and I'm stoked to be through to the next round."

Peters, who is currently visiting El Salvador for the first time like most of the young competitors, has been enjoying the new tropical location. "This is my first time down here, and I like it a lot," Peters said. "El Salvador is one of my favorite Latin American countries. The waves are great, the water is warm and the people are super cool."

Young Hawiian, Ezekiel Lau (Honolulu, HI), 17, advanced out of his first round heat with ease as well as taking the title of highest heat total of 16.00 out of 20 as well as the second highest single wave score the day with an 8.33.

"This is my first time to El Salvador, and it's so good," Lau said. "Today the wind never came onshore, like the last couple days, so we're stoked because the waves are firing. I really just wanted to go out and surf." With a strategic mindset, Lau was satisfied with the result and will be advancing to the next round well prepared.

"There are so many waves, so you just want to be on the good ones," Lau said. "I noticed the better waves were on the end section, so I just stayed wide and picked off a couple. I actually have one more year as an amateur, but I'm just looking to get a couple points and hopefully get into the Sunset event in October."

Alejandro Moreda (San Juan, PR), 25, represented Puerto Rico well with the third highest single-wave score of an 8.00. Hoping for a good result, Moreda is looking to follow in the footsteps of fellow Puerto Rican and winner of the Quiksilver Clasico Mazatlan, Brian Toth. "The waves are so good here, I was just going 'don't blow it.' It was the first wave of the heat and I was just trying to surf it the best I could. It was fun, the waves are pumping today, and it's just been amazing.

The Copa Quiksilver El Salvador will recommence tomorrow with Heat 1 of the Round of 96 at 7am local time and is webcast LIVE via

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Copa Quiksilver El Salvador Round of 128 Results:
Heat 1: Dillon Perillo (USA) 14.50, Tommy O'Brien (USA) 11.53, Santiago Muniz (BRA) 11.30, Julio Nurse (VEN) 6.20
Heat 2: Aaron Cormican (USA) 10.83, Israel Cordova (SLV) 8.00, Chris Waring (USA) ns
Heat 3: Matthew Bromley (ZAF) 12.43, Lucas Silveira (USA) 11.27, Josie Graves (PRI) 10.40, Jethro Hedstrom (AUS) ns
Heat 4: Michael Powell (USA) 10.46, Willie Safreed (USA) 8.87, Martin Jeri (PER) 7.70, Jordan Irwin (USA) 3.70
Heat 5: Jeremy Johnston (USA) 13.47, Lucas Santamaria (ARG) 13.00, Santiago Madrid (URY) 7.14, Derrick Disney (USA) 5.86
Heat 6: Angelo Lozano (MEX) 14.84, Anthony Abarca (CRI) 8.60, Tayler Brothers (USA) no show
Heat 7: Krystian Kymerson (BRA) 14.66, Rodrigo Rarias (BRA) 7.17, Jeremy Carter (USA) 6.80
Heat 8: Eziekel Lau (HAW) 16.00, Diego Salgado (PAN) 14.03, Chris Rodriguez (USA) 5.00, Luis Martinez (SLV) 4.04
Heat 9: Keala Naihe (HAW) 10.90, Juan Carlos Ramos (SLV) 9.94, Skip McCullough (USA) 9.76, Nathan Behl (USA), 8.54
Heat 10: Jason Shibata (Haw) 11.33, Luiz Escopelli (BRA) 7.64, Marco Alvarez (SLV) 7.14
Heat 11: Alejandro Moreda (PRI) 13.43, Mitch Crews (AUS) 12.37, Kyle Garson (USA) 11.80, Timothy Guzzardo (SLV) 7.17
Heat 12: Gilbert Lopez (CRI) 10.50, Hunter Lysaught (USA) 10.30, Jensen Callaway (USA) 10.00, Korak Tinoco (VEN) 5.40
Heat 13: Chris Friend (AUS) 15.60, Gato Chila (ECU) 13.50, Carlos Goncalvs (ECU) 12.13, Christian Ramirez (USA) 4.27
Heat 14: CJ Kanuha (HAW) 9.43, Adan Hernandez (MEX) 7.23, Christian Mendez (SLV) 6.86, Oscar Davo (MEX) 4.40
Heat 15: Tyler Newton (Haw) 12.17, Chris Drummy (USA) 7.53, Ronald Brown (CRI) ns
Heat 16: Derek Peters (USA) 15.30, Rafael Pereira (VEN) 13.63, Porfirio Miranda (SLV) 10.17, JD Lewis (USA) 8.07