Cote’s Cube On The Goldy

We’ve been powering out Cote’s Cube interviews the last couple days down here in Australia while we wait for a predicted swell that will restart the Quiksilver and Roxy Pro Gold Coast events. Check out interviews with 2007 World Champ Mick Fanning, 2X Women’s Champion Stephanie Gilmore, Ace Buchan, ASP Junior World Champion Kai Barger, ripping women’s tour rookies Coco Ho and Alana Blanchard, power broker Bede Durbidge, and a big photo gallery (below the interviews) of all the visitors to the New Era Athlete Lounge.

Mick Fanning dropped by today for a quick Cote’s Cube interview and shed some light on the sand situation at Kirra. Being born and raised in the draining, sand-filled barrels, he sorely misses the consistency and quality of the legendary break as it hasn’t been the same since the powers that be began pumping sand out of the Tweed River and depositing it down Kirra way. However, I just read in the local paper that the government has decided to allocate $1.5 million AUS to remove sand from Kirra in hopes in will return to it’s former glory. According to Fanning, though, that won’t be enough. “They’ve got to lengthen the groin (or jetty as we call it in the States) for Kirra to return,” he said as he gazed toward Kirra from the 5th floor of our pad. “The groin creates a whirlpool that funnels the sand down the beach so it doesn’t collect right there.” So what are you waiting for Mr. Politician? When the 2007 World Champ says “jump”, you should say “how high” and Bring Back Kirra!

2009 ASP Women’s Tour Rookies Coco Ho and Alana Blanchard drop by the TransWorld SURF/New Era lounge for a quick episode of the infamous Cote’s Cube. With the addition of these two and some the other ripping rookies, there’s more energy and excitement than ever for women’s surfing!

Timmy Reyes dropped into the New Era/TransWorld SURF lounge for a quick chat after we spotted him on his way to lunch. We do the Cote’s Cube interviews on the balcony of the 5th floor, better views, less hooligans, and you can’t hear Roy Powers’ now-patented e-brake slides he does every time he drives by.

Presenting ASP World Junior Champion Kai Barger from the beautiful island of Maui…Hawaiian! Kai breaks down his new found celebrity status, his performance at the ASP Awards Banquet, and leaps out of the New Era Athlete Lounge and straight onto a flight home…see you on the Dream Tour soon Kai!

Two-time Women’s World Champion Stephanie Gilmore graces us with her beautiful presence. Steph breaks down the women’s rookies, accepts her award for “Best Legs On The Tour”, and somehow hears a positive surf forecast through a seashell…

Adrian “Ace” Buchan makes an appearance at the TransWorld SURF/New Era Athlete Lounge and gives his thoughts on being named the ASP’s Most Improved Surfer and the new crop of women’s Dream Tour competitors.

2008 Dream Tour Runner Up Bede Durbidge shares some top-secret tips on how to throw buckets…apparently it’s all about stomping the back foot…

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