Creative Destruction, Chapter 3: Meet Duncan Macfarlane

Straight from the boys over at Creative Destruction:

One of the keys to Creative Destruction is the people involved. In a project like this where the story is the backbone of the edit, it is so important to maintain the high and happy times, one bad egg can throw everyone out of joint and make it tough to capture the shots to tell the story. We had to keep this in mind when it came to get a photographer on this trip. Hilts was our guy but he was tied up, so we went out on a limb with a young bloke who’s photography and blog I had been following for some time. Duncan Macfarlane rocked up all smiles and ready to roll. His vibe complimented the collection of different personalities we already had onboard, but its was his photography that raised the high times to new levels. Duncan Macfarlane’s creative mind is in the clouds but his feet are planted firmly on the ground.

Here is a selection of shots that I chose from Dunks ‘B’ folder.