Dakine Signs Andy And Bruce Irons

Andy and Bruce Irons have started the new year off signing long- term accessory contracts with Dakine. Dakine’s owner Rob Kaplan, accompanied by Dakine surf marketing and sales powerhouse Mike Madlener, flew to Kauai to meet with the boys and sign the deals. The contracts were signed on a park bench in front of their dad Phil Irons’ house on Hanalei Bay. The surf was perfect six to eight foot, light offshore, and sunny. Of course everyone was on it right after the ink dried. Only in Hawaii. [IMAGE 1]

Additionally, Dakine has signed two major stars in women’s surfing. From Australia comes Prue Jeffries, a major contender on the women’s WCT tour. And from the U.S. Falina Spires, cover girl and the first poster girl ever in women’s surfing, unless you count some topless posters from the ’70s, or so we’ve heard.

Dakine teamriders Pancho Sullivan, Jason “Ratboy” Collins, and Shea Lopez have re-upped on their contracts. All three have signed long- term deals with Dakine, which include, among other things, their own pro-model traction pads due to hit surf-shop shelves this spring (say that five times, really fast).

The addition of Jeffries, Spires, and the Irons brothers to Dakine beefs up an already solid team. The rest of the team includes Adam Repogle, Dean Randazzo, Cody Steele, Micah Nickens, National’s winner Sean Moody, and new upstart and air show winner Randy “Goose” Welch.