Day Five Action At The SIMA Surfing America USA Championships

Round 1 of the Boys’ Under 12 division kicked-off Day 5 of the 2009 SIMA Surfing America USA Championships presented by Verizon Wireless on a high note. Watching these groms surf was like watching a preview of the future of professional surfing. Young stand-outs like local favorite Kanoa Igarashi of Huntington Beach led Heat 3 throwing airs relentlessly. Although, he might have had better luck sticking one if he’d remembered to wax his board.

“I need to be more prepared,” jokes Igarashi admitting that wax or no wax, the air 360 he attempted for us today may have been the closest he’s ever gotten to landing one. “I’ve been practicing airs and there was a really good air section so I decided to give it a try.”

His bold performance did not go unnoticed by the judges as he was awarded a total score of 17.10 out of 20 possible points, to take the heat by a landslide. “It was really fun out there,” says Igarashi, but even when you’re surfing well, he cautions “never underestimate anyone.”

The tropical swell that graced the earlier days of the competition began to fade this morning, but as the afternoon progressed a new WNW swell started to fill in providing the competitors in the Boys’ Under 16 (ISA) Semi-Finals idyllic conditions for showcasing their skills.

Heat 1 of the Boys’ Under 16 (ISA) Semi-Finals was dominated by Kolohe Andino of San Clemente who wasn’t holding anything back. Surfing with a consistency beyond his years, he delivered a polished performance landing a clean air reverse that solidified his first place standing in the heat with a huge single wave score of 9.17 out of a possible 10 points.

The second heat of the Boys’ Under 16 (ISA) Semi-Finals saw a tight race for the top two spots between Conner Coffin (CA), Luke Davis (CA) and Ian Crane (CA). Davis held onto first place for the majority of the heat, but was bumped by Coffin in the final seconds of the heat. Ian had everyone on the beach holding their breath as he went for a barrel ride that likely would have advanced him through to the Quarter-Finals if he just could have held onto it.

The final results from this, and the rest of the day’s heats, are as follows:

Boys’ Under 12 Round 1 Results (1st and 2nd Advance)

Heat 1: Griffin Colapinto (CA) 13.83, Colin Deveze (CA) 12.77, Kei Kobayashi (CA) 10.16, John Mel (CA) 8.67

Heat 2: Corey Colapinto (CA) 12.00, Andrew Rooney (NJ) 8.24, Tyler Killeen (CA) 7.77, Colt Ward (CA) 6.73

Heat 3: Kanoa Igarashi (CA) 17.10, Tyler Gunter (CA) 8.17, Chris O’Donnell (FL) 5.67, Thelen McKinna (CA) 5.14

Heat 4: Jacob Davis (CA) 14.17, Jake Marshall (CA) 9.90, Stevie Pittman (NC) 7.80, Decker McAllister (CA) 4.33

Girls’ Under 12 Round 1 Results (1st and 2nd Advance)

Heat 1: Dax McGill (HI) 15.26, Avalon Johnson (CA) 6.53, Kylie Loveland (CA) 5.57, Ashley Beeson (CA) 0.00

Heat 2: Frankie Harrer (CA) 10.50, Rossi Klein (FL) 8.06, Rachel Tilly (CA) 3.47

Boys’ Under 14 Round 1 Results (1st and 2nd Advance)

Heat 1: Kanoa Igarashi (CA) 14.83, Andrew Jacobson (CA) 12.10, Jake Kelley (CA) 10.17, Vincent Scroggs (TX) 3.54

Heat 2: Kadin Panesi (CA) 11.60, Nic Hdez (CA) 11.26, Pat Schimdt (NJ) 7.64, Jay Christenson (CA) 6.50

Heat 3: Colin Moran (CA) 13.77, Jake Marshall (CA) 10.23, Cole Walter (CA) 10.07, Chris O’Donnell (FL) 7.03

Heat 4: Taylor Clark (CA) 13.33, Knox Harris (NC) 8.20, Tyler Gunter (CA) 5.77, John Elles (CA) 4.34

Heat 5: Cameron Richards (SC) 14.76, Jacob Davis (CA) 10.43, Kei Kobayashi (CA) 5.74, John Mel (CA) 3.17

Heat 6: Parker Coffin (CA) 10.60, Daniel Glenn (FL) 10.13, Brogie Panesi (CA) 7.80, Griffin Colapinto (CA) 6.67

Girls’ Under 14 Semi-Finals Results (1st and 2nd Advance)

Heat 1: Lulu Erkneff (CA) 9.90, Darsha Pigford (FL) 8.80, Nikki Viesins (FL) 7.07

Heat 2: Kulia Doherty (HI) 11.67, Baily Nagy (HI) 10.70, Malukia Kinimaka (HI) 6.80

Boys’ Under 16 (ISA) Semi-Finals Results (1st and 2nd Advance)

Heat 1: Kolohe Andino (CA) 16.17, Parker Coffin (CA) 12.34, Andrew Jacobson (CA) 9.40, Trever Thorton (CA) 7.40

Heat 2: Conner Coffin (CA) 15.93, Luke Davis (CA) 14.23, Ian Crane (CA) 10.77, Dylan Kowalski (CA) 8.54

Girls’ Under 16 Semi-Finals Results (1st and 2nd Advance)

Heat 1: Lakey Peterson (CA) 15.00, Quincy Davis (NY) 8.76, Savannah Bradley (FL) 6.60, Kiana Fores (HI) 5.73

Heat 2: Darsha Pigford (FL) 12.00, Katherine Clark (CA) 9.70, Jasset Umbel (FL), 9.50, Emmy Merril (CA) 7.07

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Tomorrow’s action kicks off with the Boys’ Under 12 Semi-Finals at 8:00 a.m. and promises to be an exciting day of surfing as eight talented athletes will be crowned with a USA Championship Title and the 2009/2010 PacSun USA Surf Team will be announced. Five coveted spots will be awarded to the Under 18 Boys’ (ISA), Under 16 Boys’ (ISA) and Under 18 Girls’ (ISA) first and second place finishers with the remaining three positions in each division filled with surfers elected by the PacSun USA Team Selection Committee. The team will compete for the United States in the 2010 Quiksilver/ISA World Junior Surfing Championships in New Zealand this January.

The first of the Finals rounds will begin at 11:20 with the Girls’ Under 12 division. Don’t miss a minute of the action. Watch LIVE by logging onto or for the LIVE webcast with hosts Dave Stanfield and Peter Mel with a roster of special guests.

Special thanks go out to all of the event sponsors: SIMA, Verizon Wireless, PacSun, Billabong, Hurley, O’Neill, New Era, Quiksilver, and Rip Curl. Additional, thanks to Gatorade—the official beverage of the SIMA Surfing America USA Championships presented by Verizon Wireless. Their investment, along with the support of media partners, SURFER Magazine, Fuel TV, Surfline, TransworldSURF, and Surfing Magazine, are integral components to the success of the event.
Luke Davis busts a mean lien air. Photo: Steindler