2010 Down Under Diaries

Down Under Diaries: Day 2

Not a bad view from the new TransWorld SURF office, eh?
Not a bad view from the new TransWorld SURF office, eh?

10:30: Just picked up a new shred sled from Aussie surfer/shaper Dylan Longbottom. I paraded through the little mall down the street with it like I was hot shit. Hold up, someone just dropped off our house mate Andrew Doheny six new JS’…. “I’m so spoiled,” he said as he drew on them with a magic marker.

9:30: Just ripped the gills off one of my top five favorite waves in the world—Duranbah! There were a ton of people lining the cliff above waiting for the tsunami to hit, but as of now, nothing has showed. Choppers are circling overhead and the beaches are technically closed, but that hasn’t stopped people from enjoying this beautiful Sunday.

7am: Tsunami threat shuts down the Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast? That’s right, spurred by a monster 8.8 earthquake in Chile, contest officials have canceled the comp for today. Gnarly! Apparently, the tsunami could hit here at 8:30am, just a few hours from now—time to wax up the rhino chaser and get out there! In all seriousness, hopefully there won’t be a devastating wave, cross your fingers…

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