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Day 1 Blog From Cheyne Magnusson

Cheyne Magnusson on day 1 of the Drop Zone Fiji trip. Photo: Balzer
Cheyne Magnusson on day 1 of the Drop Zone Fiji trip. Photo: Balzer

Hot And Sweaty
That’s how I can describe our first days here in Fiji. That’s optimum for me because I just want be underwater the whole trip anyways. That being said, we’ve been logging some serious bottom time! It’s day two and we already have three dives under our weight belts and one very successful free dive for yours truly. So far the marine life tally is through the roof with sightings of but not limited to: turtles, snapper, reef sharks, sea snakes, and my favorite Spanish mackerel.

If you didn’t know I’m also an avid spearfisherman and the Fijian boatmen were more than happy to let me jump in and try to catch some dinner the other night. I couldn’t believe my luck when my favorite reef fish swam underneath me right when I jumped in! So after two over excited botched shots I was able to pick off one of the medium size guys that was just a little too curious! I was so excited and I immediately made sure to dispatch of him as humanely and quickly as possible and rushed back to the boat. I made sure that I filleted him myself so I knew none of the fish went to waste! He fed our entire crew and some of the Fijian staff here at our hotel and we even used the carcass for chum on our scuba dives. I want everyone to know that spearfishing is a very selective and conservatory way of obtaining fish for eating purposes. The first rule I ever learned and still live by is “never take more than you need.”


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