Eddie Aikau ceremony gets a surprise

The Eddie Aikau CeremonyA little more exciting than usual.

This year’s Eddie Aikau opening ceremony was a little more exciting than year’s past. Like normal, the group of surfers in thecontest, including friends and family, contest organizers, and the press paddled out to the break and formed a circle by holding hands.Earlier that day, the surf had been completely flat, slightly increasing throughout the day. But then out of nowhere, a ten foot, Hawaiian-style wave loomed on the horizon.Out in the circle that day included seven-year-old John-John Florence, along with his buddies T.Grom (Thomas Clarke) and Mason Ho.[IMAGE 1] Thefollowing is John John’s version of the story:”We were just sitting on our boards, relaxing when I heard people start yelling. That’s when I saw the big set and we just started strokingfor the channel. (Remember John John weighs in at 65 pounds). We just barely made it over the waves, but most people got caught inside. Isaw about four boards break in half.”

Longtime-Waimea lifeguard, Jeff Morlock said it was the most people he1s ever seen being caught inside by a large wave. Morlock reported noinjuries, just a lot of broken boards and a few shaken kids.