Eddie Invitees Announced

Though it hasn’t run in three years, the Quiksilver In Memory of Eddie Aikau Big Wave Event is a favorite on the North Shore. The contest, named in honor of legendary Hawaiian waterman Eddie Aikau, requires minimum 20-foot surf to run heats, and when the conditions do come together, the action is some of the most incredible in the surfing world. This year the contest window is from December 5, 2003 to February 28, 2004, and contestants are required to be able to get to Waimea Bay on a half-day’s notice if contest directors see fit to commence.


Waimea’s no joke. It’s hard enough to survive, let alone compete in 20-foot-plus, heaving bombs. Past winners include Kelly Slater, Ross Clarke-Jones, Noah Johnson, Keone Downing, and Clyde Aikau … big-wave surfing’s superheroes. Just to be invited is an honor. This year the roster sees quite a bit of youth mixed in the names that have become synonymous with the Eddie. It’s the first time that Makua Rothman and Jamie Sterling have made the list, and it’ll be interesting to see them go up against legends like Michael Ho, Johnny Boy Gommes, and Tom Carroll.


Clyde Aikau (Hawaii)
Tom Carroll (Australia)
Ross Clarke-Jones (Australia)
Shane Dorian
Keone Downing
Johnny Boy Gommes
Laird Hamilton
Mark Healy
Michael Ho
Andy Irons
Bruce Irons
Noah Johnson
Brian Keaulana
Rusty Keaulana
Brock Little
Peter Mel
Myles Padaca
Paul Paterson
Tony Ray
Makua Rothman
Kelly Slater
Jamie Sterling
Darryl “Flea” Virostko
Ross Williams


Zane Aikau
Titus Kinimaka
Tony Moniz
Pancho Sullivan
Sunny Garcia
Braden Dias
Keone Watson
Jamie O’Brien
Arnold Downing
Carlos Burle
Mike Parsons
Cheyne Horan
Taylor Knox
Darrick Doerner
Chava Greenlee
Vetea David
Derek Ho
Elijah Young
Eric Haas
Kala Alexander
Kalani Chapman
Chris Malloy
Dennis Pang
Clark Abbey

Honorary Invitees:

Mark Foo
Todd Chesser
Jay Moriarty