ESA All-Stars Invade Nicaragua

All Photos: Josh Jacoby/Moondoggie

The Eastern Surfing Association All-Star team is a collection of the organization’s most talented surfers. Every year they take a trip to a new locale leading up to the ESA Easterns to refine their skills prior to the biggest competition of the year. With the championship event looming just around corner they chose a quick strike mission to Nicaragua for a week long shred fest.

Daniel Glenn, a standout on this year's All-Star team trip

Daniel Glenn, a standout on this years All-Star team trip

Here is what Coach Pat Emery had to say about the trip…

“The All-Star team is a group of surfers chosen to represent the ESA. This years team is comprised of 18 guys and girls, narrowed down from 8,000 members. They are the elite of the organization, some of which have hopes to compete on the WQS and ultimately the WT, so this is a good platform to set them on the way towards those goals. Slater’s been through the program, Gabe Kling, the Lopez’s, the Hobgood’s, there’s been so many great surfers really. I took over a couple years ago and have had the chance to bring the team to Costa Rica and now Nicaragua. Only 12 of the 18 were able to make it to Nicaragua, but since this team is smaller than in years past every surfer is a standout. I’m not just saying that either [laughs], they all surf really well. That’s what this trip was about – three sessions a day and early to bed. We had the kids eating healthy, no candy at all. Actually one girl, and we wont name any names [laughs], was caught with a candy bar and had to give me 100 pushups. She handled it well, it was all in good fun. And little Luke Gordon, only 11, experienced surfing bigger waves for the first time. He was nervous in the beginning and then took some poundings and by trips end was out there with the big boys. Everyone improved drastically during the week from surfing with one another, and that was always the goal.”

Savannah Bradley, straight up

Savannah Bradley, straight up

*The All-Star’s would like to extend a special thanks to SNP (Surf Nano Products) for supporting the program and the trip to Nicaragua.