Experts Predict Fewer Pacific Hurricanes

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Surfers aren't going to like this.

The U.S. Climate Prediction Center says there's a 75 percent chance that hurricane season in the eastern Pacific Ocean will be below normal this year, which could limit the size and frequency of the waves local beaches get from tropical storms. There's only a 5 percent chance that the eastern Pacific will get more hurricanes than normal.

"Water temps have cooled on the surface, that's for sure," said Sean Collins, president and founder of in Huntington Beach. "We had a bad spring with strong northwesterly winds that created lots of upwelling and pushed cold water down into the tropics.

"I think tropical activity will develop OK off southern Mexico, but that cold water below Baja will greatly limit the ability for the storms to hold strength within Southern California's window to generate solid swell. So we may not see any good tropical swells until late July and August after the water warms up off Baja."

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