Factor 54 Adds Mark Tierheimer To Sales Team

Factor 54 is pleased to announce the addition of Mark Tierheimer to its sales force. Tierheimer will focus his sales efforts for F54 in the Southern California region. “Mark is great with the customer said Todd Miller, Founder and CEO of F54. “We would occasionally see him at some of the same shops we were calling on and his whole approach was unlike most of the sales reps you see. “F54 is not just about clothes and catalogues, but really about a brand and a high performance surf and skate atmosphere that sets them miles apart from any other apparel brand I was considering

Mark will continue to rep Futures along with F54 in the California region.

About F54-
Factor54, widely known as F54, began in the fall of 2003 when former ASP top 44 surfer Todd Miller resigned his position as marketing manager at Quiksilver in an effort to build a unique, youth centric brand/team concept that put the person first and the sale second with the expectation that sales are a product of value. F54, now in its 4th year of operation has grown from a limited Men’s Tee line to a full men’s, women’s, and youth line that includes custom board shorts, tees, jackets, button downs, socks and small line of casual wear. Check out F54 at www.factor54.com and www.myspace.com/f54