Final Day Results Of The NSSA Nationals At Lowers

Day Five Of The 2003 NSSA Nationals

Finally, the final day of the 2003 NSSA Nationals at Lowers. What many thought was gonna be a flat, inconsistent day for surf turned into the Trestles we all know and love. Ranging anywhere from two- to four-feet, the waves stayed clean all day and made for some incredible finals.


Anyone who was anyone in the surf world was on the beach. Every industry rep, hundreds of spectators, and enough surf stars to fill a WQS. Names like Rob Machado, Sunny Garcia, Dean Randazzo, Bron Heussenstamm, Roy Powers, Jesse Merle Jones, Dan Malloy, Conan Hayes, and Asher Nolan—this is a big event.

As for the action in the water, it doesn’t get much better than what was witnessed in the Open Men’s/Governor’s Cup final. Congratulations go out to Pat Gudauskas. His 9.25 and the sheer fact he was able to hold off a hard-charging Dane Reynolds was nothing more than outstanding.

From the incredible Mini-Groms to the Women, it was easy to tell the talent level at this year’s finals was that much better. To get a couple of scores of eight or greater in the finals is normally very tough—it was mandatory in order to win. Look for the complete coverage and photos in the upcoming issue of TransWorld SURF. The following are the final results. Congratulations go out to all the finalists.


Open Men
1. Pat Gudauskas
2. Dane Reynolds
3. Dustin Cuizon
4. Kekoa Bacalso
5. Nathan Carroll
6. Andrew Gahan

Open Women
1. Erica Hosseini
2. Bethany Hamilton
3. Lauren Sweeney
4. Alana Blanchard
5. Karina Petroni
6. Anastasia Ashley

Open Juniors
1. Killian Garland
2. Kellen Ellison
3. Eric Geiselman
4. Dane Ward
5. Ian Ekberg
6. Kai Ellison


Open Boys
1. Granger Larsen
2. Tyler Newton
3. Brent Reiley
4. Thomas Clarke
5. Dege O’Connell
6. John-John Florence

Open Mini-Groms
1. John John Florence
2. Andrew Doheny
3. Carissa Moore
4. Evan Geiselman
5. Kolohe Andino
6. Ezekiel Lau

Open Longboard
1. Justin Hugron
2. Tony Silvagni
3. Steve Newton
4. Scott Hutchins
5. Tommy Lloy
6. Sean Keany


Explorer Juniors
1. Dustin Cuizon
2. Pat Gudauskas
3. Kekoa Bacalso
4. Brian Toth
5. Dane Reynolds
6. Gavin Gillette

Explorer Boys
1. Tanner Gudauskas
2. Casey Brown
3. Kellen Ellison
4. Clay Marzo
5. Cory Arrambide
6. Torrey Meister

Explorer Men
1. Andrew Gahan
2. Tyler Anderson
3. Nick King
4. Nathan Carroll
5. Josh Montgomery
6. Zander Morton

Explorer Masters
1. Evan Slater
2. Rusty Phillipy
3. Chas Wickwire
4. Geoff Daly
5. Chad Wells
6. Scott Pettit

Explorer Seniors
1. Rusty Philippy
2. Mike Lamm
3. Craig Macia
4. Ty Fitzpatrick
5. Robert Weiner
6. Chas Wickwire

Explorer Menehune
1. Tyler Newton
2. Granger Larson
3. Albee Layer
4. Thomas Clarke
5. Dege O’Connell
6. Andrew Doheny

Explorer Women
1. Anastasia Ashley
2. Karina Petroni
3. Lilia Boerner
4. Leilani Gryde
5. Bethany Hamilton
6. Connie Arias

Explorer Longboard
1. Felipe Becerra
2. Steve Newton
3. Tony Silvagni
4. Tyler Warren
5. Tommy Witt
6. Mike Gillard

Explorer Bodyboard
1. Ricky Alvarez
2. Shane Vogelgesang
3. Danny Hart
4. Tucker Bontecou
5. Travis Smith
6. Nicholas Hillier

Explorer Super Seniors
1. Dwight Strayer
2. Pat Conway
3. Scott Lewis
4. David Awbrey
5. Rick Fignetti
6. Patrick Schlick