Five Flick Friday Vol 2

Josh Kerr On A Single Fin At J-Bay

Because there’s been more lay days than I can keep track of at this year’s Billabong Pro Jeffrey’s Bay. I’m sure the Top 32 are losing their minds being at one of the best waves in the world while there’s no swell…

Bruce Irons Flare Shoot, via STAB

STAB, those crafty Australian motherf—kers, got Bruce Irons to put flares on the back on his board in Indonesia. And not just that, they also sat Bruce down for his first interview following brother Andy’s death. Some strong stuff in the interview (which can be read here), “That was the worst day of my life. I was in a deep sleep and it was about seven in the morning and I heard Lyndie at the door screaming. I came out of a dead sleep and as I came to (Bruce snaps his fingers)—I instantly knew it.”

Zoltan, Darkslide To Shuv-It

Zoltan Tokos’ $20,000 kickflip was quite the rage. And now he’s doing darkslides to shuv-its. Impressive? Sure. Will kids be trying these now though? Not unless they want to get nutted by their fins. But kudos to you Zoltan.


Koa Smith is a damn funny kid, surfs quite well, and bares a stark resemblance to Gary Busey—three reasons you’ll enjoy this clip of him in California. Check out more of him and brother Alex on

Where’s Kelly?

Messages from the Top 32 (excluding Dane) to Kelly on why they need him. Perhaps Taj’s words are most telling of the bore that the ASP has become to a guy like Kelly (and definitely a guy like Dane). What will these 30 men do (and the ASP itself) if, and when, they lose both Kelly Slater and Dane Reynolds?

Jordy Smith: “It didn’t really annoy me. I think we’ve all heard it before.”

Owen Wright: “It’s a little bit rude.”

Jadson Andre: “I don’t really care what he’s doing.”

Julian Wilson: “It’s a more disrespectful thing to do to the guys who are chasing the World Title this year.”

Taj Burrow: “Deep down he’s a bit spooked missing it. Because we all do, it’s all we’ve done our whole lives.”

Koa Smith