Five Flick Friday Vol 4

Adam Melling Oakley Edit

Here Oakley Team Rider Adam Melling shreds all over Indonesia, Hawaii and South Africa.

Erik Roner at the US Open

Above is Nitro Circus lunatic Erik Roner hanging around the U.S. Open. It’s a rad perspective of the madness through the eyes of a non surfer.

Noa Deane’s Innersection Entry

Noa Deane didn’t make the Innersection cut, but we’ll share his footage anyway.

Romain Cloitre Indo Boat Trip Clip

ASP 6-Star Relentless Boardmasters champion Romain Cloitre tearing the bag out of all the Indo hot spots.

How To Claim

Choosing the proper claim after a killer wave can be tricky. Not to worry, all questions will be answered in this episode of‘s Surf Sufficient as they look at a variety of claims to add to your repertoire.