Five Flick Friday: 7-20

Euro rippers Tim Boal (France), Marlon Lipke (Portugal), and Yannick de Jager (Holland) head to Barcelona, Spain of all places and score at a fun looking beachbreak.

19-year old Joel Ford is a relatively unknown Aussie ripper from Cabarita Beach, NSW. We like this clip not only for the great surfing but we're also seeing some new surf spots down in South Oz. Shhhhhhh…

Oli Adams is one of those guys you're friends with on Facebook but have never met. After seeing this, a wave he found after walking the remote UK coast for a few days, I'd like to hang out with him!
(My favorite clip of the week!—JC)

Our pal Sonny Miller shot this back in 1994 at Bawa in the Hinakos island chain off Sumatra. Tom Curren starts the session on a 7'4" but switches to a little “Fireball” fish midway through, kicking off the "shorter is better" train of thought when it comes to surfing big waves. Sonny has some cool shit on his youtube channel, check it out at

Kustom Airstrike Trailer
These dudes are launching some huge airs in the Mentawais…but are they landing ’em? Don’t tease us!
PS Pretty sure John John is going to win the $50,000 Kustom Airstrike contest…