Friday Forecast Presented By …Lost: January 12


Nor Cal
So Cal
Outer Banks


Nor Cal:
Northern California could pass for the North East this weekend as an Arctic blast sets up shop and makes it really, really cold in the region. Near freezing late night/early morning temps will invade the coast. Temps gradually warm up during the week. But in the meantime, dawn patrolling this weekend will be a chore.

So Cal:
This is what the Pasadena Chamber of Commerce doesn’t want you to read during its January Rose Parade: freezing temps at the beach and snow in the local foothills Friday night. High pressure builds behind the weak front Friday night/Saturday morning and north winds turning to offshore northeast winds will follow on Sunday through the first half of next week. Gradually warming up during the work week.

Unfortunately, freezing rain and moderate southwest winds are on tap Friday and Saturday, followed by north winds on Sunday. Not a big storm, but cold and wet and freezing nonetheless. Cleaning up towards Tuesday and the rest of the week.

Outer Banks:
Mild weather this weekend, can’t complain. Partly cloudy skies southwest to west wind this weekend. Small chance of precip for Monday and Tuesday. Mild temperatures will prevail.

A small chance of showers each day with southeast winds this weekend and Monday, changing to NW the rest of the week. Temps will be in the 70’s. Nothing eventful- almost too quiet…

Here’s the part where we daydream if we were Bill Gate’s kid and we could fly anywhere we wanted to this weekend to surf on daddy’s dime. But of course we’d never be allowed to download I-tunes or watch the Office on our I-pod, but whatever- I digress. Here’s the weekly rankings:

1. Florida: What aren’t they ranked #1 in this week?! First they hold the current NCAA hoops title and NBA title, then the NCAA football title goes to them this week at the BCS championship, then they get fun surf and manageable weather this weekend. Oh, and did I mention Jason Taylor of the Dolphins won the NFL’s defensive player of the year award a few days ago? What am I forgetting?! THAT’S RIGHT! Some kid named Slater is the 8 Time and current world champ.

2. So Cal: Drops to #2 this week. It all depends on what that front does on Friday night/Saturday. If it’s slow moving, then there will be north winds on Saturday and it will blow apart that small swell, but if the front moves through quickly or is weaker than forecasted, that small swell will stay intact and fun waves will be had on Saturday and Sunday.

3. Nor Cal: Plenty of good waves and good weather too- but that damn water and air temp is a killer! Sure, Sebastian Inlet will be 1/10 the size of Mavericks this weekend, but surfing is a short sleeve full in 75 degree air temps is a lot more inviting that 10 wave hold downs in 15′ surf in 52 degree water in 35 degree air temps. AND there’s some real big fish with real sharp teeth patrolling the line up.

4. Outerbanks: Nothing too eventful this weekend leaves it in the same ranking as last week. But just wait until hurricane season! We’ll show the rest of America what real surfing is all about!

5. Northeast: See Nor-Cal’s unflattering review above; but even colder and smaller. Sure it’ll have shoulder high sets, but you’ll be lucky to see if you’re eye lids aren’t frozen shut.

THE 411:
Ever wonder what t swell angle readings on a local buoy mean to your local surf spot? Without going into detail on every surf spot in America (yawn), I’ll break down the basics. Let’s first start off with a circle and let’s mark 360 notches all the way around. So at the top of the circle we’d start off with 0 degrees (which would be north), we move clockwise to our right and get way down the circle to 90 degrees (which would be east), we then hit the bottom of the circle and write 180 degrees (which is due south), then keep moving clockwise and hit way up the left side of the circle to 270 degrees (west) and get all the way back to the top of the circle and put the number 360 right next to our starting point of 0 degrees. Now we can start looking at your local swell angles. So let’s take this circle we just marked and place it over the map of two well know surf towns on the west and east coasts of America; San Clemente, CA and Virginia Beach, VA. San Clemente faces roughly 235 degrees south. So 235 degree southwest swells in the summer tend to hit these beaches full force. Other beaches like Mission Beach in San Diego which face more westerly at 270 degrees, don’t feel the 235 degree southwest swell energy as strongly. The 235 degree southwest swell has to wrap into Mission Beach’s 270 degree westerly exposure and thus loses energy. On the east coast at Virginia Beach, VA, this town faces northeasterly at about 60 degrees and tends to get a straight shot of winter time nor-easters more effectively than Frisco Pier on the Outerbanks which faces 160 degrees to the southeast. The 60 degree nor-easter of course has to wrap around Cape Hatteras on the Outerbanks and try to fit the 160 degree beach angle and thus loses energy, just like the San Clemente/Mission Beach scenario. So if you’re ever trying to figure out what surf spot has the biggest surf based on the swell angle, just try to match a beach that has similar degree reading as the swell so you’ll lose the least amount of energy. Now of course there are a million factors which come into play for the size of surf at your local break, (like an offshore island that may block the surf or a deep submarine canyon offshore that may funnel the energy of a swell) but by paying attention to a swell’s angle and the angle of your local coastline, you’re on the right track.

I know it’s always a curse to call some kid the next ‘Curren’ or the next ‘Slater’ or even the one who’s going to be next local hero to make the WCT, but when everything starts to add up, even at age 14, you have to start paying attention to that grom. That grom is Lost’s own powerhouse Riley Metcalf, signed this past week to it’s clothing and surfboard labels. Lost founder and Riley’s shaper Matt Biolos summed it up best by slyly snickering “Riley who? Oh yea, that kid rips!. Matt of course watched Chris Ward grow up and take is act to the world tour and also watched countless others with promise slip into the night to never return. But what Matt and others know, you need to have a good head on your shoulders and strong family support to succeed in life- both of what Riley possesses. Riley is an exceptional student, achieving a 3.7 GPA in accelerated placement classes. “Riley has a good head on his shoulders and he knows what it takes to win, says Lost Surf Team Manager Ryan Carlson, “He shines in all conditions and has already proven himself in and out of the water. The New Year looks promising for Riley following a very successful 2006 which included the Surfing America Boys Champion under 14 title, being accepted as a USA Surf Team Member, being nominated into the Surfer Mag “Hot 100, and a acting as a cornerstone for the Shorecliffs Middle School National Championship surf team. In addition to Riley signing with Lost Clothing and Surfboards, he’s already racked up other strong sponsorships with giants Nike 6.0, Electric visual, and Ocean and Earth board accessories. All of these accolades can overwhelm a person that young, but Riley takes it in stride and just wants to surf with his friends at Lowers, knowing that there’s more worked ahead for a bright future.


Keep Surfing,
Mike G.
Lost at Birth
Bill Gates’ Adopted Son
Glasser to the Starswhelm a person that young, but Riley takes it in stride and just wants to surf with his friends at Lowers, knowing that there’s more worked ahead for a bright future.


Keep Surfing,
Mike G.
Lost at Birth
Bill Gates’ Adopted Son
Glasser to the Stars