Getting Weird In Huntington Beach

Nixon’s “The Weird” Surf Contest

Nixon’s “The Weird” event is in short, the best way to level the playing field. The contest pitted pros, retailers, team riders, surf mag schlubs, and surf enthusiasts against each other on boards they have never ridden. Five finners, asymmetrical quads, and more weird and not-so-shreddable sleds littered the sands of 8th street in Huntington Beach.

The event: Take some retailers, shop team riders, pros and bros and have them compete in team format not knowing what boards they’re riding. Boards were chosen at random through the drawing of straws. “The Weird” was held at 8th Street in HB in fun, chest high and rippable beach break conditions. By the end of the event, the pros proved why they were pros and dominated the heats.

For the boards, Nixon partners up with a shaper per location to come up with 5 of the wackiest boards his imagination can ponder. The shaper for this event Tim Stamps.

Why? Good question. We were bored of the average contest and boards. Or bitter that the pros always have better boards than the rest of us—we wanted to level the playing field.

4-Time ASP World Champion Lisa Andersen keeps the boys in line at Nixon's

Standouts: Torrey Meister, Leigh Sedley, Eric Geiselman, Lisa Andersen, and Jeff Deffenbaugh.

Look for Nixon‘s “The Weird” at a surf spot near you soon…