Globe Denies Allegations In Film Dispute

LOS ANGELES†¹Globe, an apparel and footwear manufacturer, one of the largest action sports companies in the world and a burgeoning leader in the competitive surf market, denies the allegations in a complaint made by cinematographer Sonny Miller seeking to stop it from using footage he believes it is not entitled to in a dispute over their agreement for the film.

Globe is a leading supplier of authentic action sports products and the producer of surfing and skateboarding entertainment features sold worldwide. Miller, a cinematographer, was hired by Globe to help film its forthcoming Surf Film to be released next month, but left the project over disagreements with the Film1s Director, Joe Guglielmino.

Sonny Miller alleges the unauthorized use of his film footage and that Globe has undertaken the creation of video images by artificial means not outlined in his agreement with the company. Miller is seeking to block Globe1s use of the footage he shot and is asking Globe to publicly acknowledge it is using advanced technologies to create synthetic versions of surf cinematography.

Mr. Miller’s complaint is meritless and we are confident that all its claims will be found false,” said Michael Marckx, Globe’s vice president of global marketing. “Globe is in full compliance with its obligations under its contract with Mr. Miller and this claim is merely an attempt to undermine a project he is at artistic odds with,” Marckx added.

“We regret Sonny’s decision to leave the production crew at this stage of the project and wish him well in his future endeavors,” said Joe Guglielmino, the film’s director. “However, it is disappointing that Sonny doesn’t share our vision to create a new kind of surf film,” said Joe Guglielmino.

“While we understand the personal differences Mr. Miller may have with our approach, these differences have nothing to do with the contract. We have conducted ourselves to the letter of our agreement with him,2 concluded Marckx. “Given our agreement is in full force and effect, this request by Mr. Miller is ill-founded. Globe will do everything necessary to defend the integrity of its film and its agreement with Mr. Miller.”

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