Gorkin Gets In

Aaron ‘Gorkin’ Cormican Joins Wildcard Field At The Quiksilver Pro New York

Gorkin's a threat to win any event on the eastern seaboard
Gorkin's a threat to win any event on the eastern seaboard

A few days ago Kelly Slater announced via his Twitter page that Aaron Cormican was getting a spot in the trials of the upcoming Quiksilver Pro New York, after “Gorkin” was missing from the original list of included surfers. Did Slater personally pull strings at Quiksilver to get him in the event? We caught up with Gorkin today at home in New Smyrna Beach, FL, to get the inside scoop.

TransWorld SURF: So did Slater break the news to you on Twitter?

Aaron “Gorkin” Cormican: Yeah, that’s how I found out. I left California after the U.S. Open and when I got home I checked my twitter and it said Kelly Slater is following me, so I double checked to see if it was really him and right then he hit me with the news. I was tripping, like “what the f—k?” Is this for real?

When the trials wild cards were first announced two weeks ago and you weren’t included on that list, what was your first reaction?

I guess I vented on my twitter and facebook, just saying I was bummed and what not, and I got a lot of response from people – friends saying they were calling and emailing people at Quiksilver on my part. I even hit Slater with a tweet and he responded and said he would look into it for me, which was heavy, but I left it at that and didn’t think any more about it until now.

Slater is pretty involved in the whole twitter thing these days.

Yeah, it was sick he hit me back. I wasn’t really expecting the spot but when I didn’t get it felt kind of burned. I was hoping to get a bone tossed to me for this one.

So social media actually helped you get a spot.

Yeah after all that went down I heard Chad Wells and Kelly went to bat for me, like talked to Bob McKnight personally and put in a good word. I don’t know if that’s true or not, but I guess Kelly wanted to tell me personally and that’s why he announced it on twitter. I barely used that thing before but now I realize it is completely worth having [laughs]. I got like 400 followers the day after that news.

Now you can personally thank Kelly for Internet popularity and a spot in the contest.

[Laughs] Yeah, I kind of had to say some things to get in. I’m sure guys are hating but f—k, I’ve put in a lot of hard work and it’d be a dream to get in the first big WT event on the East Coast. The trials are stacked so there is a lot of pressure to win to get into the main event, but if I do it’s all fun from there and I’m really happy to get the chance.—Zander Morton