Gotcha Pipeline Day Three Completed With Several Ten Point Rides


Ehukai Beach, Hawaii-

The third day of competition for the Gotcha Pipeline was completed in sixtoeight foot surf with several ten foot sets out of the west with sideoffshore winds.

Surfers throughout the day either made the horrendous drop of survival andpulled deep into the intense tube which the spot is known for or had majorwipeouts in the takeoff zone. Scoring perfect ten point rides were RichardSills, a goofy footer (left stance) from South Africa who took off deep inthe pit on a ten foot wave, disappearing then popping through the end totheamazement of the spectators.

Brazilian Bernardo Pigmeu got the first ten point ride of his life at thebreak with a backside barrel ride in which he got completely covered up andas the wave shut down, appeared out of the foaming white water. “You don’tknow how happy I am,” exclaimed the Brazilian on making the wave,”all I sawwas the hollow wave throwing over me and as I wave coming across I pushedout of the tube coming down on me”.

In all twelve broken boards made it’s way to the beach with Conan HayesfromKailua-Kona breaking two in heat eight and barely missing out to NorthShorehot shot, Raymond Reichle, by a point .08. The seventeen year old Reichlealso had his share of “Pipe damage” with five stitches in his lip afterhitting the reef.

Waves permitting, the event will be completed tomorrow.

Heat Advancements For Round of 32-

Heat One
Ian Walsh(Hi)/Jaime O’Brien(Hi)/Bruce Irons(Hi)/Shane Beschen(USA)
Heat Two
Richard Sills(SA)/Wilson Nora(Brz)/Drew Courtney(Aus)/Brian Pacheco(Hi)
Heat Three
Dean Randazzo(USA)/Andrew King(Aus)/Sam Hammer(USA)/Blair Stewart(NZ)
Heat Four
Joel Tudor(USA)/Zane Harrison(Aus)/Dieter Piter(Fra)/Raymond Reichle(Hi)
Heat Five
Martin Potter(GB)/John Gomes(Hi)/Toby Martin(Aus)/Golden Depesa(USA)
Heat Six
Steve Clement(Aus)/Aldemir Kalunga(Brz)/Jason Bogle(Hi)/Danylo Grillo(Brz)
Heat Seven
Koby Alberton(Aus)/Mikael Pikon(Fra)/Bernardo Pigmeu(Brz)/Tamayo Perry(Hi)
Heat Eight
Henry Mills(USA)/Paulo Moura(Brz)/(two surfers from round 3 heat 16)