Hawaii And West Coast Surf Forecast

Lots more waves on tap for both Hawaii and the West Coast this week.

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There isn’t much to say that hasn’t been said about the whole weather/storm/swell setup that the North Pacific still has going on. The storm track continues to be pretty low in latitude and the storms continue to be pretty intense on both sides of the Pacific…all of which mean more swell for us.

picture-1One thing that is pretty cool is that the current forecast run continues to show some pretty serious looking storm activity, the sort of deep-winter level stuff that I would normally expect to see in late November, December, and January…definitely not going into March. In fact compared to last year the current “early spring” has more going on than we saw all of last winter, which is awesome.

Just looking at the latest forecast charts I am seeing what looks like at least 2- to 3-more back to back (to back) W-NW swells lining up for both the Islands and the West Coast regions.

picture-21The first pulse has actually been hitting Hawaii the last couple of days and will be winding down slightly as we move through the beginning of the week. The same swell has just started to push into the West Coast and will likely peak Tuesday afternoon (for NorCal) and on into Wednesday (more for SoCal). At this point the West Coast version of the swell is going to get some funky weather coming along with the swell. This weather will come in the form of a mild/moderate cold front that is going to get pushed out the Gulf of Alaska through midweek. Unfortunately it means more rain for the Central Coast and SoCal, and probably some wind as well, which won’t do conditions any big favors.

The second round of WNW-NW swell will arrive in Hawaii, from a storm that is pulling together off to the WNW of the islands, on Friday. This one isn’t as intense as the first shot of energy but it should still be good for some overhead+ surf lining up for Hawaii on Friday and holding into the weekend.

picture-3The West Coast and California will see this swell moving in more on Saturday and Sunday and mixing with another close-proximity cold-front (from a different storm) that is threatening to dump a bunch more rain and snow through SoCal. Stupid rain. Size-wise it will end up pretty large for Nor/Central California, but with plenty of wind and funky shape to wreck it up. SoCal will be more in the shoulder-overhead+ range once the swell hits its peak, but again it looks like sloppy shape thanks to steady S-SW-W winds and more, freaking, rain…which is almost the last thing a few of the burn areas in SoCal need.

picture-4The third shot of WNW-NW swell is a ways out on the forecast charts…but it has been showing for the last few runs so I think that it has a good shot of producing more waves for us as we move into next week. At this point it looks like this bad-boy is going to spin together over on the western edge of the Aleutains and drive across the mid-upper latitudes on the way to the Gulf of Alaska…as it does this it is set to dredge up a bunch of sub-tropical moisture that will help to power the storm system and increase the overall intensity of the fetch that will be setting up waves for both Hawaii and the West Coast. If the storm lives up to the weather models Hawaii would see this swell come up late on Sunday and peak on Monday. The West Coast would see this one arrive and fill in throughout the day on Monday peaking more on Tuesday…with Socal seeing the swell hit later on Monday evening and the peaking more Tuesday afternoon and on into Wednesday (March 9-10). Like I said before…this one is a long ways out on the charts…so we will keep an eye on things over the next few days and we should have a better grip on size/timing in the next forecast update.

Next forecast will be on Friday, check back in for the latest update!

Adam Wright