Hawaii And West Coast Weekly Surf Forecast

Great news…this little glimpse of spring (you know, the one that had me wondering if I had woken up in a Vista induced bizzaro world) is actually just a short little window of atmospheric reshuffling, not quite the real deal, yet.

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Over the last few days the forecast charts and the North Pacific storm track have heeled back on course and are setting up a couple decent sized WNW-NW swells for both the West Coast and Hawaii (I really do enjoy writing that).

Currently there is a new low-pressure setting up in the Gulf of Alaska that will intensify over the next couple days, eroding the high-pressure that has been causing our problems. This first storm isn’t well positioned for Hawaii or Socal but it does look like it will throw out a well-overhead shot of medium-period WNW-NW swell for the Pacific NW and Northern/Central California. This swell will begin arriving early on Thursday, eventually peaking in the afternoon and on into Friday.  Socal will get a little bit of the WNW-NW swell, and see a touch of Southern Hemi SW swell, but the biggest improvement will be in the weather for the region which should see a dramatic change on Thursday as winds shift more offshore and beach temps increase.


Further out…a second low-pressure is forecast to slide in behind the first…sending out a new moderate head high+ NW swell for Hawaii (that hits on Friday/Saturday March 12-13) and then set up a decent round of WNW-NW swell Northern and Central California as well as a smaller, more shadowed pulse of NW energy for Socal) for the upcoming weekend.


This new WNW-NW swell, as it hits the West Coast, looks good for consistent well-overhead surf for spots along the North and Central Coasts with sets going an easy double-overhead+ at the standout NW facing breaks. Conditions won’t be the best for this swell…but hey it is Northern/Central California…there are plenty of protected spots that will be able to pull in the swell mix. Socal will get a smaller chest-head high version of this swell on Sunday/Monday…nowhere near as big as spots north of Point Conception but still big enough to have some fun.


Further out…there is yet another NPAC storm that is forecast to form up in the Gulf over the weekend…as well as a new storm down in the Southern Hemi (that actually sets up a few days earlier). As these two storms pull together it looks like California will be in for some combo swell around the middle of March…likely peaking March 17-19th…this combo swell still has a few days to develop but it looks like the Northern/Central California spots will be right back in the double-overhead+ range thanks to its direct exposure to the WNW-NW energy…but Socal should have some shoulder-head high+ sets at the better combo breaks.

Hawaii will actually get a bit of this storm as well…as the system passes it will kick out a med-short-period N-NNW swell (350-360) that will hit on Monday (march 15) with some solid well-overhead to double-overhead faces…probably some bigger sets at the deepwater spots like Sunset beach.

So like I said….while it isn’t as big as it was during winter-proper we will still have plenty of swell swishing around the Pacific basin…and a few big days still sneaking into California and Hawaii…lets cross our fingers that old-man winter can squeeze a few more swells out of the North Pacific before calling it quits for the season.

Next forecast will be on Friday, check back in for the latest update!

Adam Wright