HB High Wins NSL Surf Cup Championships

Upper Trestles Pumps Out Epic Surf for Final Day of Action

HB High and their trophy. Photo courtesy NSL
HB High and their trophy. Photo courtesy NSL

San Clemente, CA – (June 16, 2010) – The best high school surf teams in the nation gathered this past weekend at Upper Trestles for the 5th annual National Surf League (NSL) High School Cup National Championship featuring the "Game" format.  With a new south swell delivering 3-4 foot sets all day and glassy conditions, the Huntington Beach High Oilers took home their first ever NSL High School Cup national title by out dueling the San Dieguito Academy Mustangs in a display of some of the most progressive and innovative surfing ever seen in amateur competition as judged by a highly qualified judging crew of professional surfers.

Huntington Beach earned their way into the final game with a decisive win over defending champion Mira Costa High School in the quarterfinals and taking down Newport Harbor High in the semi-finals.   San Dieguito academy advanced to the final with a win over Malibu High in the quarterfinals and surviving a late surge from San Clemente High in the second semi-final.  This setup a rematch of the 2007 High School Cup final game in which San Dieguito took the national title over Huntington Beach.

HB Oiler Kyle McGeary throwing down a big air reverse. Photo courtesy NSL
HB Oiler Kyle McGeary throwing down a big air reverse. Photo courtesy NSL

The coin toss was won by San Dieguito Academy and Mustang coaches Oly Norris and Jeremy Sherwin decided to surf in the bottom of each period, sending out Huntington Beach High coached by Andy Verdone into the water first.  HB High Oilers starters Christian Saenz, Kyle McGeary, Evan Kane and Derek Peters opened the game with all scoring 5 points and above and posted a solid total period score of 23 points.

San Dieguito Academy opened the bottom of the first period with a flurry of set waves.   Mustang starters including JD Lewis, Derrick Disney, Zane Norman, and Austin Rowe all dropped solid scores of 5.5 and above.  JD Lewis caught a set wave from the top of the Uppers line-up and ripped the bag out of the wave with a series of carves and fins-free re-entries complete with a claim back to the ecstatic Mustang fans on the beach.  Lewis' wave score of 8 points pushed San Dieguito to a 26-point total and a three-point lead without calling a single timeout.

HB MVP Derrick Peters. Photo courtesy NSL
HB MVP Derrick Peters. Photo courtesy NSL

The Oilers answered back in the top of the second in a major way with Christian Saenz dropping a 6.5 and Jack Boyes getting substituted in on a wide peak set wave for a 5.5.  Then the set of the entire 2-day event appeared on the horizon and Derek Peters scratched his way outside into position and on to the biggest wave of the day.  Peters launched into a series of stylish bottom turns and radical off-the-tops all the way down the point and finished with a double-fist pump claim to the Huntington Beach dugout for a 9.5 wave score – the highest of the event.  But the Oilers were not done yet.  Kyle McGeary took off the next wave and launched a full rotation air 360 for an 8.0 wave score and earning the Game's Most Radical Maneuver.  Huntington finished the period with a huge score of 29.5 points.

The Mustangs looked to answer the Oiler charge in the bottom of the second, however the ocean stopped cooperating with the team and big scorers JD Lewis and Derrick Disney were only able to drop scores of 4 and 5 points respectfully.  Coaches Norris and Sherwin used three timeouts in the period to try and get the rhythm of the ocean on their side.  Zane Norman scored a 6.0 with some clean backside snaps and Matt Lewis came off the bench to score a 5.0.  With no scores in the excellent range, San Dieguito finished the period with just 20 points and behind by 6.5 points.

Derrick Disney of San Dieguito. Photo courtesy NSL/Don Ansell
Derrick Disney of San Dieguito. Photo courtesy NSL/Don Ansell

Huntington solidified their lead in the top of the third with a Christian Saenz scoring a 6.5 with a series of quick backside snaps on a mid-range set wave.  Peters dropped a 6.0 wave score with McGeary and Evan Kane both dropping 5.0 scores for a 22.5 total period score and 75 points total Game score, putting the pressure on the Mustangs to deliver in the bottom of the 3rd and final period.

To win the game, San Dieguito Academy would need to score 29.5 points in the bottom of the final period.  Derrick Disney did his part dropping a 7.0 on an inside running right with a series of Parko-esque stylish power snaps.  Lewis and Norman each scored 6.5's, but the team needed to average 7.5 wave scores to take the win and were left hoping for a flurry of waves similar to Huntington's pivotal 2nd period.  With no timeouts remaining and no set waves on the horizon the Mustang players could only sit in the lineup as the clock counted down to zero.  Final score: Huntington – 75, San Dieguito – 68.

HB, the scoreboard says it all. Photo courtesy NSL
HB, the scoreboard says it all. Photo courtesy NSL

"We had a huge 2nd period and that made the difference for us," commented Huntington Beach High coach Andy Verdone, still dripping wet after receiving an ice bucket shower from his team.  "The Game format is unreal – no hassling, no fighting, the kids are out there performing for their teammates, there is no other format like it."

"I was in perfect position and was super stoked after the wave because I felt like it put our team back into the Game," said Game MVP Derrick Peters on his 9.5 wave score in the second period.  "I like the Game format better, everyone gets hyped up and it raises the performance level."

The National Surf League's staff of professional surfers including head judge Austin Ware, Micah Byrne, Chris Abad, Kyle Knox and CT Taylor judged the Games.

Gotta get the water cooler shower. Photo courtesy NSL/Archer
Gotta get the water cooler shower. Photo courtesy NSL/Archer

Special thanks goes to California State Parks for opening Upper Trestles to these talented high School surf teams.  Also Outdoor Event Specialists, Dante Giuliano, Austin Ware, Nick Bricker, CT Taylor, Omar Etcheverry and Zach Keenan for their contributions to making the season a success.


Saturday, June 12, 2010:
Quarter-Final Game #1
Newport Harbor High def. Carlsbad High  (65-59)
Quarter-Final Game #2
Huntington Beach High def. Mira Costa High  (60.5*-56.5) * 6:41 remaining
Quarter-Final Game #3
San Dieguito Academy def. Malibu High  (66-58)
Quarter-Final Game #4
San Clemente High def. Santa Cruz High (65-64.5)
Sunday, June 13, 2010:
Semi-Final Game #1
Huntington Beach High def. Newport Harbor High  (75-72.5)
Semi-Final Game #2
San Dieguito Academy def. San Clemente High (68.5-68)
Final Game Box Score:

Huntington Beach High School
San Dieguito Academy
Most Valuable Player (MVP) – Derek Peters, Huntington Beach High School
Most Radical Maneuver (MRM) – Kyle McGeary, Huntington Beach High (Huge full-rotation air 360)

About the NSL High School Cup:
The National Surf League's goal is to provide the high school student with the most unique, enjoyable platform to compete for the pride of their school through showcasing his/her surfing talents.

The NSL High School Cup (formerly Red Bull Riders Cup) is the premier high school surfing tournament with schools from 8 regions nationwide competing using the National Surf League's "Game" format in a single elimination "March-Madness" style tournament until a champion is crowned.

About National Surf League (NSL):
The NSL is a revolutionary competitive surfing organization established in 2001 by legendary pro surfer, Brad Gerlach.  The NSL is dedicated to the pursuit of surfing excellence, building awareness for the sport of surfing while creating a fun competitive landscape for all types of surfers with its unique team surfing format called The Game.

The Game Explained
Modeled after team sports such as Basketball, Football, and Baseball – The Game turns an individual sport like surfing into fan-friendly team sport

• Two teams against each other
• One team in the water at a time
• 3 Periods, Timeouts, Coaches, Referees
• Substitutes
• Rivalries
• Entertainment
• Real Surfing
• Game time: under two hours
• A scoreboard, continuous commentary, and scoring updates so the crowd and television audience can easily follow the results

For more information on the NSL and the High School Cup go to nslgame.com