How To: Backside Fin Waft With Dane Reynolds

How To: Backside Fin Waft With Dane Reynolds

A straight backside off-the-lip just does not cut it anymore. You must waft the fins to have a shred of modernity in your game. Let’s see how the master does his…

-Crank a bottom turn, and drag that forward hand; you want to pivot as hard as possible coming off the bottom, and the hand drag gives you bit more leverage.

-Coming up the face, shift where you’re looking to the bottom of the wave, and begin turning your front arm down, and rotating your shoulders back down. Your hips and legs will follow.

-Here’s where things get different from a standard off-the-lip. You want to pivot harder and higher on the lip. Easily said. Getting your board in that position isn’t terribly hard, it’s controlling it once it’s there that’s dicey. The adjustment is that when your fins release, keep nearly all your weight on your front foot, and bend the front knee to get super low. This also lets you put your front hand on the deck of the board, and the backhand on the water, for added stability.

-It’s easy to kick these too far out the back and go over the back of the wave. Keep your weight forward, leaning down on the recovery to stay in the wave.

-With the arc tightened up, and depending how far the tail drifted, most likely the lip is going to catch up with you. It’s okay, because if you belted the lip hard enough, you probably took some punch out of it. Ride out through a bit of whitewater, and get ready to punt a big air on the end section.

-Aim for a section that’s steep, but with a nice mellow shoulder just after it. That way you’ll have time to gather yourself coming out of it. Or an end section works, too.

-As you come down the face, make sure your back foot is way back on the tail. You can slide or wiggle it backward as you drop down. It should be just touching the tail pad block.

Just about any time Dane goes backside, unless he punts, he’ll throw some variation of this. But search for the “valentines day” vid on, and pay extra attention starting around 1:20.

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Dane Reynolds' patented backside fin waft. Photo: Sharp