How To: Stick A Backside Full Rotation Mute With Ryan Callinan

How To: Stick A Backside Full Rotation Mute With Ryan Callinan

Doing a normal air in transition is a thing of beauty; doing a fully rotated air in transition is beautiful but near impossible. Let’s take a closer look at Ryan Callinan’s controlled chaos. Although very few surfers in the world are capable of actually pulling this one off, we can all dream, right?

Step 1: Come into the maneuver aiming your nose at the air section, and as you start to hit the lip you should already be starting to turn your upper body before your fins are out of the wave. Looking toward where you want to go will help you initiate the upper-body spinning.

Step 2: As soon as your fins get above the wave, whip your board by rotating your hips to catch up with your upper body’s rotation. You won’t be able to see your landing at this point, so it’s one of the most critical times of the maneuver. If you don’t feel like you’re high enough or spinning fast enough, then you’ll need to adjust to landing backward on the lip.

Step 3: Once you’re about 180 degrees rotated, you can start to peak your landing spot over your tail-side shoulder. Your board will be about level with the line of the lip, and you should keep it level or have the tail dropped a little bit as you come down on the lip.

Step 4: You can make any last-second minor adjustments at the end of your spin so that you’re coming down on the lip with your nose facing the beach. If you land on the lip with your nose lower than your tail, you’ll most likely pearl, so make sure you’re leaning back on your back leg, and try to let your front part of your board cushion you from the refraction of the wave.

Step 5: Make your way out of the whitewash and into a turn toward the beach so you can download your sick GoPro footy.


—Surfing a wave that you’re comfortable with and a wave that breaks in a consistent way is key to success with this air because there is a lot of timing involved when spinning blindly. If you think you’ve got the right wave for the job, try to do a couple of standard grab rail airs at the spot and see if you can time your landing into the transition.

—To fit in a full rotation, you need to either get really high or spin super fast. Always aim to be lofty instead of speedy, as it looks a lot smoother and your body doesn’t have to withstand the G-forces of a NASA flight simulator.

—To get the projection required for this maneuver you have to have a lot of speed, the right wind, and an almost perfect wave for airs. Oh, yeah, before trying this you should probably know how to surf a little bit, too.


Jordy, Dane, and John John webisodes are sure to be peppered with variations of this air, or learn from the man himself in this video below.