Hurley | Rip My Shred Stick | Tour Update #2


We saw a few triple-board-stack-rides, some headstands and even a few board transfers. In the end it was Wilson Brooks and his laid back style that earned himself the victory and a new GoPro camera, Phantom Create boardshorts, Spy sunglasses among other goodies from Mophie, Freestyle, Futures and Stance Socks.


With everything from cutbacks, carves and off-the-lips to fins-first takeoffs, head dips and dance moves, the judges had their work cut out for them. But after sifting through all the ripping and goofiness in the water, birthday boy, Dougie Wendel, was named the 2012 champ of Myrtle Beach.


78 of Wrightsville’s best young rippers met up with us to enjoy some of the better waves we’ve seen thus far. There were some great rides out the back, but the main show was on the inside shorebreak, which made for some crazy wipeouts and critical waves as all the competitors charged with no hesitation. In the end it was the sisterly duo of Madeline and Julie Eckel who stole the show and battled it out for the top two spots with some great long boarding and creative maneuvers (“creative” as in Madeline’s coffin ride to 360 twirl, which ended up earning her the victory).


A crew of young rippers met up with Brad Ettinger, Pat Towersey, Scotty Stopnik, Mitch Abshire and Noah Snyder for more RMSS action.In the end, it was the youngster, Brode Miller, who took home the much-deserved win with some heavy drops out the back and well-timed, critically thrown shakes on the inside.


A massive thunderstorm and strong winds the night prior brought choppy seas and a sweeping current to Jennette’s Pier in Nags Head, Outer Banks for stop number 13 of our Rip My Shred Stick Summer Tour. All 45 competitors showed no fear as they headed straight into the intimidating shorebreak, surfed some amazing waves and took a ton of heavy wipeouts.