Hurricane Irene Update

North Carolina bracing for impact from Category 2 Hurricane Irene
Impending Hurricanes make East Coasters crazy. Not just surfers either. Everyone.

According to New Jersey based photographer Ryan Miller, whose home sits in the forecasted path of Irene, “the lines to get gas are 100 cars deep. People are stockpiling shit, everyone is completely frantic.”

Is he participating in the mass exodus of folks evacuating their homes?

“I’m riding it out baby! I grew up in Florida and chase storms for a living. I have two generators in my shed. I’m feeling it.”

Miller is hanging around and keeping the doors to his ice cream store, Yum Yums, open all night before Irene rolls in. Once it gets dark and his business is the only show in town, “it’s going to be like moths to a flame, record numbers tonight!”

While Irene is a strong category 2 Hurricane, most of her damage will be inflicted upon the area of initial impact, in this case the Outer Banks of North Carolina, a 130-mile sandbar jutting into the Atlantic completely vulnerable to the extreme tidal surge these strong storms bring ashore. Let’s hope everyone gets through this weekend unscathed.

The worst part for surfers, Irene isn’t lining up to be an all time swell generator. Florida looks to reap the benefits of the biggest surf as the storm passes and wind clocks, but most of the East Coast will be fortunate to luck a quick post storm cleanup session before the waves disappear with the hard offshore winds.

Though if you know where to look, those lucky moments do happen. Just ask Shea Lopez.

“A few years ago when Tropical Storm Fay skirted Florida, almost everywhere was onshore and junk, no one even thought about going surfing. Somehow, there was a pocket of offshore winds and six foot barrels in front of my house in Daytona for a half day, something you couldn’t have forecasted.”

That’s the beauty of hurricane season. It’s impossible to predict anything.

*Check back for photo and video updates from Hurricane Irene as they come in…