Hurricane Leslie Meets The Outer Banks

Every year come September East Coaster’s look for respite from the flat summer in the form of spinning clouds of dust off the coast of West Africa; hoping and praying said storms pick up steam and head westward over the open Atlantic and into the swell window of surf spots from Miami to Maine.

Most of the time these tropical systems track quickly through the ocean, sending a day or two of good surf to a few East Coast and Caribbean locations before being sucked away into the North Atlantic or smashing into land and causing a shit ton more harm than they were ever worth (see: Hurricane Irene in 2011).

Hurricane Leslie was an exception. Forming off the Cape Verde Islands in late August, she’s been spinning harmlessly in the open Atlantic for over 10 days now, treating the entire Eastern Seaboard to a never ending buffet of barrels. From the Caribbean to Nova Scotia, “best ever” claims are being slung around everywhere. East Coast Senior Photographer Seth Stafford is covering as much of the swell as one man possibly can, and here’s a first look at some of the action on North Carolina’s Outer Banks…—Zander Morton