Ian Gentil Relinquishes Quik Pro Trials Spot To Travis Logie

Ian Gentil. Photo Courtesy Pat Stacy/Billabong
Ian Gentil. Photo Courtesy Pat Stacy/Billabong

Ian Gentil Relinquishes Vitamin Water Quiksilver Pro Trials Spot

In the upcoming Quiksilver Pro trials (being held September 4th) Vitamin Water had one spot to give out and granted that entry to 15-year-old team rider Ian Gentil from Maui.

But, after watching the Tahiti event online last week and witnessing the gutsy performance Travis Logie put forth in his quest to requalify for the WT Ian opted to give up his spot to Travis, in hopes of helping him accomplish that goal.

Vitamin Water agreed that Travis’ ballsy Teahupo’o performance was worthy.

Travis Logie wants it bad. Photo: Bielmann/SPL
Travis Logie wants it bad. Photo: Bielmann/SPL

Unfortunately Travis will not be eligible to receive world-ranking points if he makes the main event via trials, per ASP rules, but can take home a slice of the biggest prize purse in surfing history.

And with Dusty Payne and Jordy Smith nursing Tahiti inflicted injuries, there is still a chance Travis will be thrown in the Quik Pro main event as an injury replacement surfer – in which case he would also redeem precious points. Currently sitting 34th and two spots shy of the cutoff, making a single heat could see Travis back amongst the worlds best for the back half of the season.

Guess maybe Travis owes Ian a beer or two. In six years, of course.

Current Quiksilver Pro Trials Lineup

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Masatoshi Ohno
Garrett Parks
Clay Marzo
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Aritz Aranburu
Leif Engstrom
Ryan Carlson
Sam Hammer
Asher Nolan
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Travis Logie replaces Ian Gentil
Aaron Cormican

Watch the action unfold live here.