Imaginarium 2011: Billabong Video

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Billabong presents Temple Of Rock. A short film with one stage and starring Creed "Iron Maiden" McTaggart, Jake "Misfits" Halstead, Kaimana "NWA" Jaquias, Peterson "Jimi Hendrix" Crisanto.


Temple Of Rock

Directed By: Blake Pettit and Victor Pakpour

Surfers: Creed "Iron Maiden" McTaggart, Jake "Misfits" Halstead, Kaimana "NWA" Jaquias, Peterson "Jimi Hendrix" Crisanto.

Temple Of Rock

Such as the comparison of a musician or band and a surfer, each has their own unique style and sound through which they perform. The similarities in expression are often easily derived from the contrast; the aggressive, radical, flowing strokes of Jimi Hendrix can be clearly translated through the extreme, spontaneous yet effortless lines drawn by the late Andy Irons. Deep bass driven beats of gangster rap such as those from NWA may be seen in the compact powerful, gouges of Hawaiian surfer Sunny Garcia, where as the thrashy riffs, whammy bar twangs and chaotic sound of Iron Maiden are portrayed through the raw style and progressive surfing of perhaps a young Archy or Christian Fletcher. Never the less, just about every avenue of music is comparable to that of surfing and vice versa; be it style, technique or performance, each has their own interpretation; their own sound.

Prevalent in both music and surfing the expression comes in many different forms, combined with a vast number of paths to pursue. Cleary evident in Music and surfing, each band, musician and surfer encompass their own interpretation of how to translate their sound. From multi-faceted showman such as Kelly Slater, to competitive savvy, world tour rockers Joel Parkinson and Mick Fanning, to the ever-smooth, free-surf style master Dave Rastovich, to hard core, big-wave enthusiasts Shane Dorian and Greg Long, or progressive video freaks along the likes of Wade Goodall and Craig Anderson, each a performer; each a rock star in their own right. Whether in a concert hall or the ocean, a unique expression and personalized performance combined with the desire for stardom is parallel amongst both musicians and surfers. Though drastically different in appearance and location, each performer's environment provides similar function in facilitating a platform to reach the spotlight. What, how and why they perform is at their own discretion, never the less each shares a common place in doing so, 'the stage'
-Blake Pettit

What Is Imaginarium?
We invited four teams from four companies to conceptualize and execute a photographic feature to be shown on the pages of TransWorld SURF. Teams were also responsible for a five-minute video for The teams had two months to go anywhere in the world and shoot anything they wanted. The only rules: no Photoshop and their chosen theme must be reflected throughout the whole submission.

Billabong's 'Temple Of Rock.' Photo: Dorsey
Billabong's 'Temple Of Rock.' Photo: Dorsey