Imaginarium 2011: Body Glove

Body Glove

8 Bit

Directed By: Greg Browning and Cheyne Magnusson

Photographed by: John Ho, Eric Warner, John De Temple

Surfers: Jamie O’Brien, Cheyne Magnusson, Alex Gray, Justin Quirk

For our shoot, we skipped the meetings with marketing guys, photographers, and company bigwigs, and went directly to our surfers and asked them for ideas. In walked Cheyne Magnusson with his first-ever PowerPoint explained his idea for “8 Bit.” The Body Glove team and our other surfers were hooked like an eight-year-old playing Mario Bros. all night in 1985.

“First of all, I am a giant nerd and I love video games,” says Magnusson, creator of the 8-Bit. “I have also really enjoyed the modern street art of Space Invader who creates characters on walls out of tiles. Most people my age loved Nintendo and I love surfing, so why wouldn’t we put the two together? We’ve all seen surfing video games, but this is a game when the surfing is real. It’s outside of the box and something that surfing has never been part of. It takes surfing as the real thing and makes it into a video game.”

The entire crew including team riders Cheyne, Alex Gray, Jamie O’Brien and Justin Quirk road tripped down to Cabo with our giant homemade props, “The Arcade” by Hypercrush on repeat, and a trunk load of pyrotechnics for three days of surfing in 8-Bit. Thanks to TransWorld for inspiring us to get back in touch with our 1980s video-game love affair, we hope you enjoy.

Imaginarium Winners Announced on Sept. 22, 2011