Influences – Shea’s Biggest Influence – His Little Bro.

Older brothers have a magical power of strength over their little siblings called “older brother power.” Any younger brother will know what we're saying here. Shea Lopez has this power over Cory Lopez, and they both know it. The thing that's so cool about Shea, though, is he's not afraid to admit his admiration for Cory. As anyone with a brother knows, your brother is and always will be your best friend and your biggest influence. When asked who Shea's biggest influence was, it took him about a millisecond to answer. “My brother,” Shea says without blinking. “He's pushed me harder than anyone. When we were little kids, he was always the energetic, hyper little shit always getting in trouble, and I was the mellow peacekeeper. Even with our differences on the outside, on the inside we were the same competitive freaks. Every day with a gang of friends, it was skate, bike, wakeboard, and skimboard–whatever we could find to push ourselves. Then there's surfing,” continues Shea, laughing. “Imagine having a brother, who at twelve doesn't bat an eye paddling out for the first time and catching waves on a second reef day at Pipe. I never had the option to not go. I had to catch a bigger wave than my little bro. That's how it was everywhere we surfed, and most of the time I caught the biggest waves. Until Tahiti became our newest playground, and the whole world knows the waves Cory's ridden out there. It looks like he's got me for now, but since my injury I've been training a lot and only God knows what could happen in the years to come. Having Cory as my brother has influenced millions of things I've done in my life so far.”