Invitees Announced For Red Bull Big Wave Africa 2008

Red Bull Big Wave Africa 2008
July 24 – August 31, 2008
Dungeons, South Africa

July 16, 2008: – – Cape Town — the list of invited surfers to compete in the tenth anniversary edition of the Red Bull Big Wave Africa event have been announced. They are a mix of young and old, local and international, experienced Dungeons surfers and rookies. Twenty-four surfers have been invited, twelve local and twelve international, and there will also be a handful of alternates on standby.

The local line up of surfers include the Durban trio of Twiggy Baker, Jason Ribbink and 2006 Red Bull BWA winner John Whittle, Cape Town chargers Mickey Duffus, Andy Marr and Simon Lowe who know their way around Dungeons, and event rookies like James Taylor and Charles Reitz.

International surfers include event stalwarts Grant Washburn and Greg Long from California, Carlos Burle from Brazil and Ross Clarke-Jones from Australia. Mark Healey and Ian Walsh from Hawaii are two of the international rookies, as well as Ramon Navarro from Chile.

Along with this announcement, the event website is set to go live on Thursday 17 July. This website has downloads, profiles, the ten year event history, videos and images, as well as the live webcast portal. For the first time in the history of the event, the entire contest will be webcast live, so that anyone around the world can watch the event go down wave for wave.

The waiting period for the event runs from the July 24 until August 31. This five-week period encompasses the best swell window periods for Dungeons, and we have every chance that some giant waves will roll over the reef to provide a worthy arena for the competitors. Co-Contest Directors Gary Linden (USA) and Jonathan Paarman (ZA) will call the contest only when the right conditions are reached.

Some of the international surfers will be facing Dungeons for the first time, and will have to adjust to the big waves as well as the ice-cold water, the thick kelp beds, the thousands of seals and the other creatures that lurk under the ocean.

Red Bull Big Wave Africa is the second longest running big wave event in the world behind the Quiksilver Big Wave Invitational In Memory Of Eddie Aikau, and there have been three winners over the last nine years. Sean Holmes won the event in 2000, Greg Long from California won in 2003, and Durban surfer John Whittle won the event in 2006. This year the tenth version of the event will produce a winner and present him with a check for R100,000.

The full lists of invitees are below, but please log onto the website for further surfer profiles. Website goes live on the July 17, 2008

Full list of invited surfers in no particular order.
1. Sean Holmes (ZA)
2. Greg Long (USA)
3. Grant Baker (ZA)
4. Carlos Burle (BRA)
5. Jason Ribbink (ZA)
6. Grant Washburn (USA)
7. Chris Bertish (ZA)
8. Peter Mel (USA)
9. Andrew Marr (ZA)
10. Paul Paterson (AUS)
11. John Whittle (ZA)
12. Jamie Sterling (HAW)
13. David Smith (ZA)
14. Ross Clarke-Jones (AUS)
15. Mickey Duffus (ZA)
16. Tyler Smith (USA)
17. Simon Lowe (ZA)
18. Mark Healey (HAW)
19. Ian Armstrong (ZA)
20. Anthony Tashnick (USA)
21. James Taylor (ZA)
22. Ramon Navarro (CHILE)
23. Charles Reitz (ZA)
24. Ian Walsh (HAW)