ISA President Surfs SportAccord International Convention

ISA President Surfs the SportAccord International Convention in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Surfing was up right at the beginning of the eighth edition of SportAccord International Convention with International Surfing Association (ISA) President, Fernando Aguerre, starting his trip to Dubai by participating as guest VIP in the Opening Ceremony and competitor in the Surf Dubai Kandora SUP Challenge held on the Dubai’s “Sunset Beach.”

Dubai Surfing Club, recently recognized as a member of the ISA, organized the first ever SUP Surfing competition ever held in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates just one day before the start of the international sports federations´ biggest gathering, the SportAccord Convention. Aguerre, who recently took up Stand Up Paddling, took part in the competition.  The ISA President said: “This was a fantastic event put on by the team of the Dubai Surfing Club.  I gladly accepted their invitation to be a part of this cultural and entertaining surf challenge.”

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