Jordy Smith Is Large Giveaway Winner Announced…

To be honest, when we started receiving e-mails for the ‘Jordy Smith is Large’ giveaway we were a bit scared at what might be coming our way. A few sand-sculpted penises, but never a real one. Phew. But this one by and far took the cake for strangest entry. So strange that we had to give the man behind this Jordy’s prize package.


From left to right you’ve got Justin ‘Champ’ Cote, Aaron ‘Sweet cheeks’ Checkwood, Chris ‘Burgundy’ Cote, Steve Barth (the creator himself), and Casey ‘Brick’ Koteen. Creepy? Yes. Ingenious? Yes. TransWorld SURF, we’re kind of a big deal.

For his efforts, Steve will be taking home a JS surfboard, huge batch of O’Neill goodies, DaKine schwag, a Vestal watch, some Red Bull, and some DVS kicks.