Josh Kerr’s Flight To The Flats Alley Oop

Josh Kerr’s Flight To The Flats Alley Oop

Josh Kerr On Alley Oops And The Flight To The Flats Finale

“The Alley Oop is something you can do when you’re sitting a bit higher on the wave. So when there’s a section coming at you kinda quick you don’t have to do a big bottom turn—you can make a split second decision and just go for it. You can really clear a section doing an Oop and make it more of a transition maneuver that you can come out of with more speed,” says Kerrzy. “It’s nice to have a bit of air wind [sideshore/offshore wind],” he adds. “It helps your board stick to your feet.”

And as far as the final Flight To The Flats trip to Bali? “I only really got to surf with Dylan Graves and Chippa a few times. Chippa is so consistent and just a crazy air surfer. But he wasn’t in the competition so I don’t have to worry about him [laughs]!” When pressed on who he thought was going to win Chippa’s air contest Kerr played it cool, “I have no idea. I got a few, nothing super gnarly or crazy, but definitely some fun sessions and a few keepers.”

We wish Kerr and the rest of the Flight To The Flats finalists the best of luck! A winner will be announced next week during a private soiree at Fox headquarters in Irvine. We’ll be dropping the final Flight To The Flats video immediately following the announcement so stay tuned!

Above: The air that got Josh Kerr into the finals of Chippa Wilson’s Flight To The Flats contest.