Julian Wilson Wins SriLankan Airlines Pro


Julian Wilson : photo ASP Australasia/Robertson

Julian Wilson Wins the SriLankan Airlines Pro

June 24, 2010 -Arugam Bay Sri Lanka: Australia's Julian Wilson has won the 6 star rated Association of Surfing Professionals SriLankan Airlines Pro in flawless 4 to 6 feet surf on an epic final day.

Wilson came into this event courtesy of a wild-card from the sponsor and throughout the event he dominated, continually posting the day's highest scoring rides and took a deserved win over 19 year-old USA surfer Nat Young.

Wilson and Young were unquestionably the worthy finalists here as both verified their status as two of the most exciting emerging ASP surfers. Wilson controlled the final from start to finish and capitalized early by taking wave priority when Young took off on a poor opening wave.

By mid-final Wilson had a solid lead and Young faulted slightly going for some gigantic floating re entry moves that never quite came off while Wilson continued to build on his lead scoring a 7.4 ride late in the final which left Young chasing an outstanding 9 point ride to bridge the gap.

While everyone knew Young was capable of such a score with only five minutes remaining finding the wave that could deliver the score became Young's task, which he could not complete.


Julian Wilson : photo ASP Australasia/Robertson

"I can't believe what an outstanding event this has been for me and all the surfers who have travelled here," said 22 year-old Wilson after his win. "The waves have been outstanding everyday and in many ways they are similar to the point waves around Noosa where I live – but probably way more consistent."

"I'm back and over my injuries and seriously looking hard at the qualifying series – this result is ideal for me and I'll head to California for the US Open full of confidence." It was both Wilson and Young's best ever performance at ASP level and both look ready to seriously challenge the highest ranks of surfing.

"I've had an amazing week here and I'm really grateful to have made the final," said Young. "I knew the only way to beat Julian would be to score two excellent waves in that final – he's been the stand-out all week – I went for the win but came unstuck on a few critical moves but I'm really pleased with this result."

Both semi finals were incredibly close affairs today with Wilson defeating Drew Courtney by catching an 8.5 ride in the last minutes while Nat Young posted an outstanding 9.33 near the end of his semi final to edge out Australia's Jayke Sharpe.

Arugam Bay saved it's best to the last day here and delivered amazing conditions with clean long lined waves reeling across this ideal point break set-up and delivered both chargeable sections and barrels and the surfers simply reveled in the perfection.

The event was outstanding overall and all in attendance agreed another magnificent venue had been added to the ASP surfing tour and all look forward to next year.

1. Julian Wilson (AUS/Qld/Coolum) 14.33
2. Nat Young (USA/Cal/Santa Cruz) 8.83

1. Nat Young 16.20 D Jayke Sharpe 14.27 (AUS)
2. Julian Wilson 15.10 D Drew Courtney 14.30 (AUS)

1. Nat Young D Hodei Collazo (SPAIN)
2. Austin Ware Jayke Sharpe D Austin Ware (USA)
3. Julian Wilson D Rhys Bombacci (AUS)
4. Drew Courtney D Davey Cathels (AUS)

One World Rankings after the 6 Star Sri Lankan Airlines Pro:

2Smith, JordyZAF
3Slater, KellyUSA
4Andre, JadsonBRA
5Hobgood, C.J.USA
6De Souza, AdrianoBRA
7Fanning, MickAUS
8Durbidge, BedeAUS
9Reynolds, DaneUSA
10Davidson, ChrisAUS
11Martinez, BobbyUSA
12Buchan, AdrianAUS
13Parkinson, JoelAUS
14Wright, OwenAUS
15Alves, HeitorBRA
16Monteiro, RaoniBRA
17Patacchia, Fredrick (jnr)HAW
18Ross, DanielAUS
19Knox, TaylorUSA
20Hobgood, DamienUSA
21Dantas, WiggollyBRA
22Bourez, MichelPYF
23Muniz, AlejoBRA
24Powers, RoyHAW
25Kling, GabeUSA
26Irons, AndyHAW
27Kerr, JoshAUS
28Pires, TiagoPRT
29Cardoso, William BRA
30Flores, JeremyFRA
31Otton, KaiAUS
32Padaratz, NecoBRA
33Aranburu, AritzEUK
34Simpson, BrettUSA
35Courtney, DrewAUS
36Logie, TravisZAF
37Zietz, SebastienHAW
38Duru, JoanFRA
39Munro, LukeAUS
40Bryson, RoydenZAF
41Whitaker, TomAUS
42Atkinson, DionAUS
43Lopez, CoryUSA
44Payne, DustyHAW
45Wilkinson, MattAUS
46Kennedy, StuartAUS
47Gudauskas, PatrickUSA
48Florence, John JohnHAW
49Bacalso, KekoaHAW
50Dornelles, RodrigoBRA
51Stedman, LukeAUS
52Dunn, BenAUS
53Perrow, KierenAUS
54Polo, MarcoBRA
55Ware, AustinUSA
56Muscroft, NicAUS
57Thornton, BlakeAUS
58Bettero, HizunomeBRA
59Nicol, YadinAUS
60Neve, DayyanAUS
61Curran, NathanielUSA
62Gudauskas, TannerUSA
63Giorgi, MarcoURY
64Neves, LeonardoBRA
65Collazo, HodeiEUK
66Hall, GlennIRL
67Palmboom, RudyZAF
68Hedge, NathanAUS
69Young, NatUSA
70Taylor, LincolnAUS
71Garcia, SunnyHAW
72Cansdell, ShaunAUS
73Medina, GabrielBRA
74Sodre, YuriBRA
75Morrison, DeanAUS
76Cloitre, RomainFRA
77Sharp, JaykeAUS
78Fernandes, GustavoBRA
79Wilson, JulianAUS
80Yeomans, NateUSA
81Robertson, AdamAUS
82Henrique, PedroBRA
83Riou, AlainPYF
84Vargas, JeronimoBRA
85Picon, MichaelFRA
86Ward, ChrisUSA
87Bastos, LeandroBRA
88Jackson, BrandonZAF
89Larsen, GrangerHAW
90Toth, BrianPRI
91Paulino, PabloBRA
92Gonzalez, JonathanCNY
93Felix, MessiasBRA
94Graves, DylanPRI
95Farney, MarcioBRA
96Campbell, MickAUS
97Thompson, JayAUS
98Pupo, MiguelBRA
99Miranda, BernardoBRA
100Batista, HalleyBRA
100Rosa, DiegoBRA