Justin Cote’s Two Paragraphs From Hawai’i

The best week of Pipeline ever? Hell yeah, at least the best this decade. Two monster swells slammed the North Shore in one memorable week. Solid fifteen-foot (Hawaiian scale) waves came in from a perfect west direction and were greeted by howling offshore trade winds. Pipe looked like a giant left pointbreak with wave faces reaching nearly forty feet. It looked a lot prettier from the beach than when you were about to take one on the head in the impact zone. Nearly everybody has ridden the wave of their life in the last week, or at least had the worst beatings ever (they kind of go hand in hand). Surfers have been walking around like zombies- sunburnt, sore, and low on precious Pipe boards. The entire Pipeline Posse has been killing it. Even scrubs like myself have been able to snag some usually elusive Pipe barrels.

While the mood in the lineup has been pleasant, there is always some ding-dong that has to go and fuck it up. For instance, one California pro dropped in on a local surfer and had his board quickly repossessed. Later in the week, another guy drops in on, of all people, Kaiborg. How stupid do you have to be to stuff someone named “Borg” or “Terminator” or “Roadblock”? The offender got off easy by only being told to go in. The big question is- Did he make it past the Volcom house unscathed? Remember folks safety first! Drop-ins at Pipe can be fatal in more way than oneā€¦